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Offer Flowers In Mobile Applications

Mobile commerce is exploding - the annual sales of physical goods is over $2.2 billion dollars and has a growth rate of over seven times that of regular ecommerce.

The Florist One API can be used by any mobile application to create a storefront to sell florist-delivered flowers and earn affiliate commissions of 20% on every sale. The Florist One API can be used to build a mobile application that is exclusively a 'flowershop app' to send flowers - it could also be used to add a storefront to any existing mobile application that now wants to offer flowers.

Florist Now is a iOS application built with the Florist One® API that lets you send flowers from any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Mobile Florist is an app for the HP webOS operating system built with the Florist One® API that lets you send flowers through a webOS phone.

Why Flowers and Mobile Applications Make Sense

Flower sales lend themselves very well to be being sold on mobile phones for a few reasons. People often forget to they need to send flowers until the very last minute. Think of occasions such as birthdays, Mothers Day, and even anniversaries! In some situations, such as funerals or the arrival of a new baby, people suddenly learn the news - and then they need to send flowers urgently. Whether people forgot they needed to send flowers, or found out they needed to send flowers at the very last minute, they are often on the go when this happens and need to rely on their cell phone to send flowers.

The mobile space is greatly underserved with applications that allow you to send flowers. The Florist One API can be used to build a new mobile storefront to send flowers, or it can also be used to integrate flower buying into existing mobile applications. With a commission of 20% on every sale, huge opportunities exist to offer flowers through mobile applications and create highly profitable and easy revenue streams.