The Florist One API
Sell Flowers on Any Website or Application

Our API lets you build a flower storefront on any website or application and earn money from flower sales.

Fully integrate flowers into your website, we pay you a 20% commission on every sale through the Florist One Affiliate Program.

We handle every aspect of order fulfillment and customer service and deliver flowers across the United States and Canada through our partner local florists.

The Florist One API allows for the creation of significant recurring revenue streams for a variety of businesses including funeral homes, mobile applications, chatbots, voice applications and more. Maintain your company's brand with our white lable service.

We've been in business since 1999 and have delivered more than 1.5 million orders since. Our API has been available since 2009 and we've had more than 400,000 orders processed with and over $40 million in sales. We are excited to see what you can create with our API.

API Overview and Highlights
  • The Florist One API® is a free REST web service
  • Build a fully customizable flower storefront anywhere - on a website, a mobile application, chatbot or voice integration
  • Earn a 20% commission on every sale
  • Use our API with any web programming language that can make a REST API call including Java, PHP, ASP.NET, JavasScript, Node, Python, Perl, Ruby, ColdFusion and others
  • You do not need a payment processor to capature sales
  • Your visitors checkout on your website, order details are passed to us securely via the API for order fulfillment
  • Flowers are delivered by our network of over 10,000 partner local florists in the United States and Canada
  • We choose the best florists for you, or allow you to choose your local florist
  • We support both U.S. and Canadian currency for sales
  • Florist One handles every aspect of order fulfillment and Customer Service
  • Sign up today for free to the Florist One API