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You can send flowers today through Facebook, LinkedIn or any social media using Social Flowers.

Send Flowers Through Facebook Using a 'Double-Blind' System

The Florist One® API lets any Facebook application create a fully-customizable storefront inside their application where users can send real, florist-delivered flowers without having to know the recipient's address. The Florist One® API is used in conjunction with the Florist One® Affiliate Program which pays a 20% commission on flower sales. As Facebook ramps up an eCommerce drive, a huge revenue exists to offer real flowers inside Facebook.

The 'double-blind' system is an innovative way in which flowers can be sent through Facebook without users having to know each other's personal information.

Here's an example of how it works. John, a Facebook user, visits a storefront inside Facebook that offers flowers and has been created using the Florist One® API. The storefront could be a new Facebook app or it could be integrated into an existing Facebook app. John selects flowers and provides credit card information for their purchase - all inside the Facebook application.

Sarah, the recipient of the flowers gets a notification letting her know John has sent her flowers and she is asked to supply a delivery address. When Sarah supplies a delivery address, John's credit card is billed and the flowers are delivered by a local florist. If Sarah does not supply a delivery address for any reason, John's credit is not billed and flowers are not sent. Both John and Sarah never have to leave Facebook to send or receive flowers.

John sends Sarah flowers but does not need to know, or have access to her address - Sarah does not have access to any of John's personal information, a 'double-blind' system.

Flowers Have Been Sent, The System Has Been Proven

The above is not a theory, existing applications inside Facebook have used the double blind-system to allow Facebook members to send each other florist delievered flowers without the sender having to know the recipient's address. Social Flowers has been sending flowers through Facebook since 2007 and allows real flowers to be sent through all social media.

The double-blind system can be used to create new Facebook applications but it can also be used to make existing applications more valuable and useful by creating a white-label storefront to sell flowers. Any Facebook dating application can create a new revenue stream for itself by using the Florist One® API and the double-blind system to let users send each other flowers. A Facebook application that reminds members of friends' birthdays could also give the ability to send flowers.

Real Flowers Inside Social Networks Will Happen

We believe real flowers will be routinely sent inside Facebook and other social networks. We've created the Florist One® API to allow any Facebook application to create a fully customizable storefront that lets Facebook users to send each other real flowers.