Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Florist One® API do?

The Florist One® API allows any website or application to display and sell florist-delivered flowers completely on their own website.

Orders are sent to us real-time by the Florist One® API and flowers are delivered by our network of 15,000 local florists. More on how it works. We pay you a commission of 20% on every sale and we handle every aspect of order fulfillment and Customer Service.

What is the cost of using the Florist One® API?

Our API is free. We pay you 20% of the sale when you sell flowers.

How long will it take me to build an application to sell flowers using your API?

The time it takes to build your application will depend on a few factors including the features and funtionality you are trying to build as well as the skill of your developers.

If you are trying to build a basic application to sell flowers and have a skilled developer that is famiilar with APIs, we estimate it should take 40 hours. For a developer that is unfamiliar with APIs, 80 hours might be required.

Once you've signed up, we have code samples available to make things easier and we are here to help.

How can the Florist One® API be used?

Our API can be used in many ways to sell flowers on any website or application. It can be used on funeral home websites to offer flowers while visitors are viewing an online obituary, to build a cryptocurrency application, in mobile applications, or it can be integrated into voice and digital assistants. Any website or application that can make an http call can use the Florist One API to create a Flower Storefront and earn money from flower sales.

What are examples of the Florist One API in use?

Our Partners page has a number of examples of the Florist One API in use.

Do you have code samples?

Once you've signed up, we have code samples in PHP.

Who handles Customer Service involved with flower sales?

Florist One® handles every aspect of Customer Service and order fulfillment. You get the orders, we take care of everything else.

Is your program exclusive?

The Florist One® API and the Florist One® Affilaite Program are both non-exclusive. You can use any other affiliate program or API at the same time and there is no obligation to use us. We are the first and still the only API to offer florist-delivered flowers and we also have the highest paying affiliate program in the industry so we are comfortable with being your best option.

What is the difference between the Florist One® API and a white-label site?

The Florist One® API lets you do much more than just a white label florist website.

A white label florist website needs to be a stand-alone website and cannot be integrated into an existing website - the Florist One® API can be used to offer flowers on any existing site. A white label site cannot be integrated into mobile or other applications, the Florist One® API can.

A white label website would come with a certain look, feel, layout and functionality. The Florist One® API can be used to create any type of florist website or flower delivery service and is not tied to any look, feel, layout or functionality.

What is an API?

API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface which is also called a web service. An API is a way for a websites to talk to each other behind the scenes in real-time.

What technology does your API use?

The Florist One API is a REST API Resource. API calls are made over http which is the foundation of the World Wide Web.

What programming languages can your API be called from?

Any web based programming language that can make http calls can use our API. For example, PHP, ASP.NET, Java, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails can all use your API. Please also see our code samples.

What countries do you deliver flowers to?

We deliver flowers across the United States and Canada.

What currencies do you support?

Our API supports both American ($US) and Canadian ($CA) currency. Orders being delivered to the US are charged in $US, orders being delivered to Canada are charged in $CA. Affiliates looking to sell in both America and Canada will need to maintain two API keys and swap them out based on the destination of the flower order.