Flower Storefront WordPress Plugin

Flower Delivery by Florist One® is a free WordPress Plugin that allows any one using the WordPress platform to install a Flower Storefront in minutes. The Plugin was was built by Florist One using the Florist One API in response to users that wanted to use the API Flower Storefront capabilities but did not have the technical resources to use the API. Now, any website owner using WordPress can add a Flower Storefront in minutes and create a revenue stream from florist-delivered flowers in conjunction with the Florist One Affiliate Program.

Download the Flower Delivery Plugin and follow the link within the settings to sign up for a Forist One Affiliate ID to be part of the free Florist One Affiliate program which will pay you a 20% commmision on every flower sale. You do not need to sign up for the Florist One API if you are just using the WordPress Plugin, you just need to download the Plugin.

Your website visitors do not leave your website to purchase flowers. Add the 'shortcode' to the place in your WordPress template where you want the Flower Storefront to appear. Control the colors, styling, navigation, buttons and other options in the Plugin Settings to have your Flower Storefront match the look and feel of your website. Choose to dislay a full flower shop with all categories or just funeral related categories if you have a funeral related business. That's it, you have a Flower Storefront in minutes on any website!