Send Real Flowers Inside Dating Websites

The Social Flowers website uses the 'double-blind' system discussed below and allows any user of a dating site such as Match, eHarmony or Tinder to send flowers today.

The Florist One® API is a free application that any dating website can use to create a fully-customizable storefront to sell flowers completely inside their dating website. Members of the dating website can visit the storefront to send real, florist-delivered flowers without having to know the recipient's address. The Florist One® API is used in conjunction with the Florist One® Affiliate Program which pays a 20% commission on sales.

How Can Real Flowers be Sent Inside Dating Websites?

The 'double-blind' system is an innovative way in which flowers can be sent completely inside dating websites. The sender does need to know the recipient's delivery address, in fact, the sender will never have access to the recipient's address.

Here's an example of how it works. John, a member of a dating website, visits a storefront inside the dating website that offers flowers and has been created using the Florist One® API. The storefront that offers and sells flowers is completely inside the dating website. John selects flowers, goes through 'checkout', and provides credit card information for their purchase - all inside the dating website.

Sarah, the recipient of the flowers, gets a notification letting her know John has sent her flowers and she is asked to supply a delivery address. When Sarah supplies a delivery address, John's credit card is billed and the flowers are delivered by a local florist. If Sarah does not supply a delivery address for any reason, John's credit is not billed and flowers are not sent.

John sends Sarah flowers but does not need to know, or have access to her address - Sarah does not have access to any of John's personal information, a 'double-blind' system. John and Sarah never leave the dating website to send or accept flowers. Flowers are delivered to Sarah's door by a local florist.

Flowers Create Stronger Connections Between Members

Real flowers create deeper, more meaningful connections between members and offer huge revenue streams for the operators of dating websites. TV commercials for dating websites try and tell us they can offer meaningful connections - sending flowers inside dating websites help members create more meaningful connections.

A lady who has received flowers through a dating website will also tell her friends about the flowers which helps the site grow by word-of-mouth.

What's Involved With Setup?

The Florist One® API is free to use. We pay a 20% commission on flower sales. The Florist One® API lets any dating site create a fully customizable storefront completely inside their dating site to sell flowers.

Our application can be configured in as little as 40 hours of development time by an experienced developer - a less familiar developer might take 80 hours to configure our application. More time can be spent on customization but a fully functioning application can be built in as little as 40 hours.

The Florist One® API is compatible with any programming language a dating website uses including PHP, ASP.NET, Java, Cold Fusion.

Real Flowers Inside Dating Websites Will Happen

We believe that real flowers will be routinely sent through dating websites in the near future.

We've created the Florist One® API - a free application that any dating website can use to create a storefront inside their website to let their members send each other florist-delivered flowers.