Before you buy funeral flowers online gather all of the information you will need to place your order.  

  • The full name of the deceased.

  • The name, address, and phone number of the funeral home.

  • The date and time of the visitation or funeral service, to be entered in the “special instructions” box.

  • Credit card number and information including number, billing address, security code, and expiration date as well as the phone number and email address of the cardholder. 

  • The content of the message to be included on the enclosure card attached to the funeral arrangement when you buy funeral flowers online.


Table Arrangements for a Funeral Service

Funeral arrangements designed to be displayed on a pedestal or table at the funeral home are called table arrangements. Table arrangements are appropriate for any funeral or memorial service.

Ever Upward Bouquet $169.95
Pink and Lavender Harmony $89.95
Life Celebration Basket $89.95
Tender Tribute $119.95


Standing Sprays Arrangements Online

Standing sprays are flower arrangements designed and displayed on an easel.  Standing sprays are ideal for display at funerals, memorials, and graveside services, providing an elegant display of flowers already on its own convenient stand.  The flower arrangements below are examples of some of the standing sprays available when you order funeral flowers online.

Sweet Solace Spray $159.95
Lily and Rose Tribute Spray $249.95
Heavenly Grace Spray $179.95
Faithful Friend Standing Spray $184.95


Funeral Service Floor Plants Online

Floor plants are one of the more long-lasting floral tributes available when you buy funeral flowers online.  Whether individual large plants in classic containers or dish gardens of mixed greenery in baskets, plants make tasteful and appropriate funeral arrangements.  Floor plants are commonly taken home by a family member or other loved one of the deceased.

Stately Croton $74.95
Medium Dish Garden $94.95
Emerald Garden Basket $79.95
The Peace Lily $89.95


Inside Casket Flowers for a Funeral

Funeral flowers etiquette tells us that immediate family member usually order the funeral flowers that are placed inside the casket.  Some types of flowers that go inside the casket include small sprays of flowers to go in its lid, rosaries made of rosebuds, and bouquets to go in the casket lid or the hands of the deceased.


Deeply Adored

Deeply Adored Item No. S5-4974 Express your never ending love for the dearly departed. This elegant floral “goodbye kiss” makes a lovely casket adornment for a wake, the funeral service and for graveside burial services. Heavenly white roses and carnations are beautifully hand-arranged by a local artisan florist in the shape of a heart and are trimmed with an elegant bow with trailing draped ribbon ends. It makes a touching way to comfort and console family and friends and makes a sweet and appropriate way for grieving children to share their sense of sadness and loss. This item is not suitable for a residence. Approximate Size: 7"h x 7"w $74.95

See more Inside Casket


Funeral Wreaths Online

Wreaths are elegant flower arrangements usually designed in a ring shape and displayed on an easel.  Wreaths are often used as symbols of the deceased’s relationship with their senders as well as being lovely tributes to honor the deceased.  The flower wreaths shown below are just a few of the kinds available when you buy funeral flowers online.

Faithful Wishes Wreath $249.95
Golden Remembrance Wreath $274.95
Red Rose Wreath $399.95
Reflections of Glory Wreath $249.95


Funeral Hearts

Floral hearts are clearly symbols of love, whether of the love of friend or family member or the love of a soldier for his country.  Flower hearts are also used to symbolize the broken hearts of those left behind.   

Blessed Heart $299.95
Colorful Heart $299.95
Treasured Love Standing Heart $299.95
Heaven's Light Standing Heart $309.95


Funeral Crosses Made of Flowers

 Crosses are symbols of faith and love of the deceased.  Flower crosses are appropriate for any Christian funeral, memorial or graveside service.  The crosses below are examples of some types of arrangements available when you buy funeral flowers online.

Divine Light $249.95
Deepest Faith $249.95
Tribute Rose Floral Cross $249.95


Funeral Casket Sprays

Flowers that adorn the top lid of the casket are called casket sprays.  Casket sprays are ordered by immediate family members of the deceased.  The examples below are just a few of the casket spray options available when you buy funeral flowers online.  

Graceful Grandeur Casket Spray $259.95
Purity and Peace Casket Spray $374.95
Distinguished Service Casket Spray $269.95
Bountiful Memories Casket Spray $274.95