There is some information you should gather before placing an order for plants.

  • The full address of where you are sending it.
  • The full name and a phone number for the person receiving it.
  • The cardholders billing information, billing address, and phone number, email address, as well as the credit card number, expiration, and security code.
  • The message you would like to send on the enclosure card with the plant of your choosing.


Sending Plants

Not everyone likes sending or receiving flowers. If you’re looking for something with more staying power plants are always a great alternative. If you worried about maintaining the plant perhaps at an office or a small apartment here is a great choice. The pothos plant doesn’t require too much light or maintenance.

Enduring Spirit Pothos Basket

Enduring Spirit Pothos Basket Item No. F1-509 Honor their memory for years to come with a 6” trailing Pothos in a wicker basket. The Pothos plant does not require much light and is easy to maintain, yet it is lush, vibrant, and grows fast, making it an ideal and lasting condolence sentiment. Appropriate for the family's home or the funeral home. Approximate Size: 12”h x 10”w $59.95

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Sending Dish Gardens

What is a dish garden you may ask? A dish garden is a collection of different lush green plants in a container, usually a ceramic dish or a basket. Dish gardens are a wonderful way to bring the great outdoors into a home or office.

Medium Dish Garden

Medium Dish Garden Item No. T212-2A This planter filled with living plants will also carry comfort and compassion for many months to come. Perfect to send to the home or service. Variety of plants and container style will vary. Approximate Size: 15" h x 14" w $74.95

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Whether they be all green plants, or accented with fresh cut flowers.

The Loving Light Dishgarden

The Loving Light Dishgarden Item No. C27-4527 The Loving Light Dishgarden is a ray of hope and a beautiful symbol of eternal life offered through our finest collection of plants. Adorned with a yellow fresh cut chrusanthemums, this gorgeous dishgarden will bring comfort and extend sympathy throughout the months ahead. Variety of plants and basket style will vary. Approximate Size: 13"w x 18"h $65.95

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Sending Sympathy Plants

When someone is grieving sympathy flowers aren’t the only appropriate thing to send. Plants are great way to send sympathy since they symbolize life and peace. The peace lily is among one of the most popular plants to send when someone is coping with the loss of a loved one. Peace lilies symbolize the soul being reborn.

The Peace Lily

The Peace Lily Item No. F1-CPP The Peace Lily is a popular arrangement to send a message of tranquility and serenity. White blossoms emerging from dark leaves set in a natural wicker basket convey lasting peace and elegance. Approximate Size: $79.95

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If the peace lily is not what would looking for they are numerous other plants that would be just as appropriate to send your condolences whether it’s going to a funeral home or to the family’s home address.

Radiant Foliage Planter $74.95
Medium Dish Garden $74.95
Large Basket Garden $89.95
Serene Retreat $79.95


Get Well Plants

Plants are also fantastic if you need to wish someone a speedy recovery. Just like get well flowers, plants will let your loved one know you are thinking of them. Going to a hospital or a home they will help lighten the mood.

Simply Elegant Spathiphyllum - Small $64.95
French Garden $64.95
Radiant Foliage Planter $74.95
Amazing Arboricola $99.95

The Loving Light Dishgarden $65.95
Large Basket Garden $89.95
Peace & Serenity Dishgarden $64.95
Radiant Foliage Planter $74.95