Send Beautiful Flowers Reliably With Picture Service
The Current Reality of Buying Flowers Online
  • you buy flowers online based on pictures of arrangements that were not made by the florist you’re buying from, and then you are not sent a picture of the flowers that were delivered for you!
  • when you buy flowers online, you’re buying flowers based on a picture of a flower arrangement that was perfectly arranged and then touched up with a photo editor
  • almost always, the flowers in the picture were not made by the florist you’re buying from
  • and what about the flowers you will actually get from the florist
  • don’t you deserve and need to see a picture of what you actually get?
  • florists don’t use their own actual arrangements on their website and they don’t send you a picture of what they actually created and delivered for you
See Arrangements From the Actual Florist and Receive a Picture of Your Flowers
  • why not buy flowers arrangements from the actual florist, not from stock pictures
  • you should be able to get a picture of what was delivered for you to make sure you get beautiful flowers
  • receiving a picture of your order helps you avoid bad florists delivering bad flowers that embarrass you
  • a picture helps you enjoy your flowers and proudly share them on social media
  • a picture will help you remember the life you touched with your flowers and let you experience that connection always
Picture Service at Florist One - How It Works
  • all pictures of arrangements below were actually created by Fasan Florist, our elite florist in Chicago
  • choose your flowers and checkout on our website
  • when you buy from us, Fasan Florist will create and deliver this arrangement for you
  • at checkout, you provide us with your email and/or mobile number to receive the picture of your flowers
  • we send you a picture of your beautiful flowers and a delivery confirmation
  • there is no additional charge for Picture Service

Buy Arrangements Now - Get a Picture of Your Flowers

Avoiding Bad Florists and Finding Great Florists
  • Bad National Florists
    • the national flower companies or 'wire services' take monthly fees from local florists in their network
    • because national companies take fees from all florists in their network, they send flowers to all florists, the good ones and the bad ones!
  • Bad Local Florists
    • there are 15,000 local florists in America and while some are great, many florists are terrible and should not be in business
    • some arrangements are just flowers jammed into a vase that ruin the thoughtful gesture of flowers
    • reading reviews can help but won’t always help you find a good florist, reviews can be manipulated and florist quality can change over time
  • Great Local Florists
    • most great florists don’t display their own arrangements on their website, they use stock photos
    • great florists won’t hesitate to send you a picture of the flowers they delivered for you if you ask for one
    • but why do you have to ask for a picture at all?
    • almost every local florist website does not mention anything about sending you a picture
    • a great florist should offer and promote the fact that they will send you a picture, but almost no florists do
    • a picture says that they are proud of their work and they stand by it
    • getting a picture of your flowers should be a part of buying flowers but it’s not
    • it’s 2020, we have phones with cameras, why aren’t florists giving you a picture of your flowers?
How Picture Service Was Born at Florist One
  • We Listened To Our Customers
    • we read thousands of reviews from our customers and they told us they wanted a picture of their flowers
    • when our customers were sending flowers across town or across the country, they were not sure what was actually sent
  • We Changed How We Serve Customers and Ourselves
    • we are a national flower service that has been online since 1999 and delivering across the U.S. and Canada, we have been trusted by our customers with over 1 Million orders
    • we don’t take fees from florists which allows us to choose the best florists across the country without bias
    • our only criteria is that they are the best florist in town if they are getting an order from us
    • but how can we choose the best florists if we don’t see their work in pictures?
    • we understood how our customers felt in not ‘seeing’ what was being delivered for us by our florists
    • our customers needed to see pictures and so did we to continually choose the best florists
  • Now We Choose Better Florists and Our Quality Has Gone Way Up
    • we asked our best florists to send us pictures of flowers they delivered for us, most said yes
    • many florists whose quality we were not sure about did not want to send us pictures - we were okay with that, we need to avoid bad florists
    • pictures started coming in
    • the quality of flowers and the beauty of florist work was easily seen through pictures of their work
    • many of the pictures sent to us by our florists are works of art more than they are flower arrangements
    • our customers get to see arrangements from the actual florist and we send our customer a picture of the flowers we delivered for them
    • we keep rewarding our best florists with more orders and each time we do that, we avoid a bad florist
    • our customers are happier, they post better reviews and they touch more lives with the flowers they send
What This Means To You
  • ask your florist if their website displays their own arrangements or stock photos
  • no matter where you order flowers from, make sure the florist will send you a picture of your flowers
  • a picture removes the uncertainty about what you’re sending and it takes away the doubt that your flowers were actually delivered
  • a picture helps you send beautiful flowers reliably without worry
  • touch a life today, send flowers with Florist One and get a picture to remember and share the experience