When someone in your immediate family passes it is customary to send a casket piece. These would typically include sprays, adornmants, and rosaries. The closer to the casket your piece is signifies how close you were with the departed. A casket spray for example is usually sent from the spouse, children, or parents so you should always keep funeral etiquette in mind. Of course, as long as you check with the family to be sure one has not been ordered then anyone can order the casket spray. A casket adornment is usually a bit more distant, sent from the grandchildren or nieces and nephews of the deceased. This is also a piece where only one should be ordered. Please be sure to check with the immediate family to ensure that an order has not already been placed for one. 

Splendid Grace Casket Spray $259.95
Silken Serenity Casket Spray $324.95
Garden of Grandeur Casket Spray $399.95
Greatest Love Casket Spray $429.95

Casket Sprays for Women

When ordering funeral flowers for women you typically look for reds, whites, and pinks. Luckily there are a wide array of casket sprays in these colors. Such as the Sweetly Rest Casket Spray, which is a stunning mix of pink roses, spray roses, carnations, gladiolus, mini carnations and Asiatic lilies 

Sweetly Rest Casket Spray

Sweetly Rest Casket Spray Item No. S20-4481 The Sweetly Rest Casket Spray is a wonderful way to commemorate a life abundant in beauty and love. Blushing pink roses, spray roses, carnations, gladiolus, mini carnations and Asiatic lilies are elegantly arranged amongst an assortment of lush greens to create a sophisticated display meant to bedeck the top of their casket at the final memorial service. Approximate Size: 48"w x 38"d $369.95

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Another casket spray that would be very appropriare for the beloved lady in your life would be the Always Adored Casket Spray. With it's mix of white and pink flowers it is truly a sight to behold.

Always Adored Casket Spray

Always Adored Casket Spray Item No. T236-3A A beautiful spray of soft pink, white and crème blooms ease the burden of loss. Pink hydrangea, larkspur and roses mingle with white roses, stock and waxflower. Ivy, fern and fragrant eucalyptus act as green accents in this spray that rests atop the casket. Approximate Size: 28" h x 66" w $434.95

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Casket Sprays for Men

If a male family member has passed then a casket spray would be a customary peice to send. It is best to look for casket sprays with more masculine or gender neutral colors. A nice Fall colored spray would certainly be appropriate to honor your loved one.

Golden Garden Casket Spray $374.95
Bountiful Memories Casket Spray $274.95
Dearly Departed Casket Spray $274.95
Touch of Sympathy Casket Spray $199.95

Or if Autumn colors isn't what you had in mind then a classic all white casket spray would also be a beautiful way to show how much he was loved.

Purity and Peace Casket Spray

Purity and Peace Casket Spray Item No. T229-3A A stunning yet respectful testament in white, this spray for the casket includes roses, orchids, calla lilies and hydrangea accented by soft, trailing greens. White roses, orchids, large calla lilies and perfect stems of hydrangea. Approximate Size: 17" h x 47" w $374.95

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Religious Casket Arrangements

We also have some wonderful arrangements that will truly make you feel blessed. A rosary, which in Latin means Crown of Roses hangs above the casket. Meant to replicate the look of Rosary beads they keep count of the number of Hail Marys said as the mysteries are contemplated.

Forever in Our Hearts Casket Adornment $74.95
Deeply Adored $74.95

Another great casket piece is the Peaceful Memories Casket Spray which comes in the shape of a cross and lays on top of the casket.

Peaceful Memories Casket Spray

Peaceful Memories Casket Spray Item No. S5-4446 The Peaceful Memories Casket Spray is a gorgeous way to commemorate the faith and devotion of the deceased. White carnations are arranged in the shape of a cross accented in the middle with white roses and spray roses and along the sides with lush greens to create a lovely casket spray that brings peace and solace to those that attend their final farewell. Approximate Size: 31"h x 22"w $259.95

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Casket Adornments for Him and Her

If you are a bit more distantly related then the casket adornment would be the way to go. These gorgeous handtied bouquets go inside the casket and show how much you truly loved them.

Deeply Adored

Deeply Adored Item No. S5-4974 Express your never ending love for the dearly departed. This elegant floral “goodbye kiss” makes a lovely casket adornment for a wake, the funeral service and for graveside burial services. Heavenly white roses and carnations are beautifully hand-arranged by a local artisan florist in the shape of a heart and are trimmed with an elegant bow with trailing draped ribbon ends. It makes a touching way to comfort and console family and friends and makes a sweet and appropriate way for grieving children to share their sense of sadness and loss. This item is not suitable for a residence. Approximate Size: 7"h x 7"w $74.95

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