Funeral hearts are flower arrangements in the shape of a heart that are placed on an easel to display at funerals. The heart shape symbolizes your love for or your heartbreak over the loss. Arrangements like this are usually sent by family member, both immediate and extended, or by very close friends. Funeral hearts come in either open hearts or solid hearts. Open hearts are more like a wreath in the shape of a heart with the center open. While solid hearts are filled in the middle with flowers.

Hearts Eternal Easel

Hearts Eternal Easel Item No. S27-5003 Pay tribute to a love that not even death can diminish. This creative and eloquent statement of everlasting romance is expressed by a pair of floral hearts, beautifully entwined. Handcrafted by a local artisan florist, this poetic masterpiece of sympathy is designed to be displayed on a wooden easel at a wake, a funeral service, or a graveside burial service. It includes pink carnations, roses and gladiolus, lavender cushion pompons and roses and purple gladiolus ... a very personal and loving tribute to the memory of one who was extravagantly loved. Product is not appropriate to send to a residence. Approximate Size: 24"h x 29"w $299.95

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Colorful Heart $299.95
Hearts Eternal Easel $299.95
Elegant Remembrance Standing Heart $399.95
Rose Garden Heart $249.95

Funeral Hearts for Women

Sending a funeral hearts for women you may want to stick with feminine colors like pinks, lavenders or even whites. Luckily there are a wide variety of funeral flowers in these colors. The Eternal Rest Standing Heart is a beautiful example of bright feminine colors.

Eternal Rest Standing Heart

Eternal Rest Standing Heart Item No. S28-4501 The Eternal Rest Standing Heart bursts with love and sweet comfort to honor the deceased at their final farewell service. Lavender roses, pink carnations, purple button poms, lavender chrysanthemums, pink gladiolus and pink hydrangea are beautifully arranged in a the shape of a heart and displayed on a wire easel to create a stunning display of warm affection that will last in the hearts of friends and family for years to come. Approximate Size: 22"d $249.95

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Or this stunningly elegant all white solid heart will honor the beautiful woman you lost.

Elegant Remembrance Standing Heart

Elegant Remembrance Standing Heart Item No. S2-4439 The Elegant Remembrance Standing Heart is an exquisite display of peace and love. 77 stems of white roses are artfully arranged in the shape of a heart and presented on a wire easel, creating a simply beautiful tribute for their final farewell service. Approximate Size: 24"h x 22"w $399.95

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For Men

When sending for a funeral services for a man you will want to stay away from too many pinks and purples. The best option would be more masculine colors like reds, whites or even yellows. The Blessed Heart is a beautiful way show you heart has broken with the loss.

Blessed Heart

Blessed Heart Item No. T225-2A A beautiful heart is a wonderful way to share your thoughts of love. Red roses, spray roses, carnations and miniature carnations are arranged with fern and ivy in the shape of a heart. Approximate Size: 24" h x 23" w $299.95

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Or this yellow and green solid heart may be even better to say your final farewell.

Precious Child Standing Heart $249.95
Hearts Eternal Easel $299.95
Blessed Heart $299.95
Broken Heart $249.95

For Children

Losing someone is never easy but when it’s a child or an infant it’s completely unbearable. This wreath is a generous way so send your love and heart to the family especially if you’re close to them.

Precious Child Standing Heart

Precious Child Standing Heart Item No. S46-4547 The Precious Child Standing Heart is a beautiful way to commemorate a life lost too soon. White chrysanthemums and white button poms form a gorgeous white heart-shaped wreath lined around the outside with a bright blue ribbon. Accented with an ivory plush bear at the center and a white banner that reads, "Precious Child," in gold metallic lettering, this sweet presentation is a lovely addition to their final farewell service. Displayed on a wire easel. Approximate Size: 22"h x 20"w $249.95

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Funeral Hearts for a Marine

The Salute to a Patriot Standing Heart is a wonderful way to honor a fallen marine. The cascade of red and white flowers will symbolize honor and heartbreak.

Salute to a Patriot Standing Heart

Salute to a Patriot Standing Heart Item No. S45-4543 The Salute to a Patriot Standing Heart is the perfect tribute to a fallen marine. A pearly white heart consisting of chrysanthemums is accented with an arrangement of red roses, white Asiatic lilies and lush greens, as well as, a white banner that reads, "Semper Fidelis USMC," to create an incredible presentation at their final memorial service. Displayed on a wire easel. Approximate Size: 24"h x 24"w $249.95

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