Standing sprays are funeral flowers designed and displayed on easels. Standing sprays are ideal for use at graveside services and are often chosen by funeral directors for use at the cemetery. Standing sprays are funeral flowers and should never be sent to home or office; they are strictly for formal services such as funerals, memorials, and graveside services. Read on to learn more about standing sprays and who sends them.

Rays of Light Spray

Rays of Light Spray Item No. T246-4A This stunning spray is a beautiful and touching display of your sympathy and devotion. A lovely composition of flowers such as green roses, gladioli and button spray chrysanthemums, pink spray roses and carnations, light pink oriental lilies and snapdragons are arranged with a mix of beautiful greenery in a standing spray of flowers that's delivered on an easel. Approximate Size: 46" h x 29" w $179.95

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Have an Easel

 An easel is what makes a standing spray stand up. Easels are simple upright frame stands used to display art, often in a formal setting. In the case of a standing spray, the art is a specially designed flower arrangement. An easel provides more than just a stable stand, it allows for the creation of an impressive, one-sided arrangement called a standing spray.

Simply Restful Floral Pillow

Simply Restful Floral Pillow Item No. S33-4511 The Simply Restful Floral Pillow is a gorgeous display of soft serenity. Lavender daisies, purple dendrobium orchids and lavender roses are beautifully arranged against a bed of purple and lavender satin to create a stunning presentation. Displayed on a wire easel, this arrangement bursts with grace and elegance to honor the life of the deceased. Approximate Size: 34"h x 20"w $224.95

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Standing Sprays Can Have All Types of Flowers

 Roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, orchids and lilies are all popular in standing sprays. However, standing sprays can be made with just about any kind of commercially available cut flowers and greenery. This allows for the creation of a wide variety of elegant and tasteful funeral or memorial arrangements perfect for any service.


Here are just a couple of examples of standing sprays made with an assortment of fresh flowers.

Care and Compassion Spray $224.95
Exquisite Tribute Standing Spray $179.95
Sympathy Spray $149.95
Mixed Spray $139.95


With Roses

Roses make a timeless statement of grace and beauty in any arrangement. When combined with the height and elegance standing spray designs provide, roses help to make a lovely and meaningful tribute. A standing spray with roses is a powerful and heartfelt symbol of honor and respect.

The beautiful standing sprays below show some of the ways roses enhance a funeral arrangement.

Exquisite Tribute Standing Spray

Exquisite Tribute Standing Spray Item No. S6-4447 The Exquisite Tribute Standing Spray is an elegant display of sweet serenity. White roses, Asiatic lilies, chrysanthemums and mini carnations are artfully arranged amongst emerald palm fronds and lush greens. Accented by white satin ribbon and standing on a wire easel, this standing spray is an outstanding way to honor the life of your loved one. Approximate Size: 32"h x 20"w $179.95

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Care and Compassion Spray

Care and Compassion Spray Item No. T230-1A Your care and compassion will be appreciated by all who lay eyes on this radiant standing spray. A variety of lovely vibrant red blossoms contrasted by vivid green of bells of Ireland will deliver your heartfelt condolences. Perfectly. Dazzling flowers such as red roses, gladioli and carnations along with bells of Ireland and other simple greenery create a spray that is both memorable and magical. Approximate Size: 46" h x 23" w $224.95

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Who Sends Standing Sprays?

 Standing sprays can be sent by anyone although they are most often sent by family members and close acquaintances of the deceased. Standing sprays are also popular with businesses and anyone else looking to send a sympathy or memorial arrangement that makes a big impact.

Gently into the Ever-after $224.95
Sacred Duty Spray $174.95
Refreshing Mix Standing Spray $245.95
Blessings of the Earth Easel $199.95