Florist One Affiliate Program

Florist One is a leading national florist and we offer the highest paying, best performing affiliate program in the industry.

  • We pay a commission rate of 20% on flower sales
  • We offer florist delivered flowers across the United States and Canada using a network of over 15,000 local florists - our flowers are hand-delivered, not shipped in a box
  • Our high commission rates are backed by high conversion rates, custom tools, and a responsive and knowledgeable Affiliate Manager
  • The Florist One API lets you build a fully customizable flower storefront that completely embeds into any website or application
  • Our Flower Delivery Plugin lets you instantly create a flower storefront on WordPress
  • We deliver for all occasions but we specialize in the funeral industry where we have been trusted as the flower provider for 2,000 funeral homes
  • Our Affiliate Dashboard gives you real-time tracking for sales and you also get a Flower Sale Notification email each time you sell flowers
  • We pay our affiliates promptly on the first day after the end of the month for prior month's sales, we pay check or ACH.
  • Our Affiliate Program is an 'in-house' affiliate program that was created and is run by a former 'Super Affiliate' in flowers
  • We are responsive and can usually get back to inquiries quickly
  • We wil give thoughtful consideration to requests for special situations and will accommodate requests when we can - we are fast and nimble to put things in place
Commission Schedule

Some online florist affiliate programs pay commissions as low as 5% and 10%. We pay a commission rate of 20% which is the highest commissions of any florist affiliate program.

We are a lean company and we keep our costs down. Our efficient, national flower delivery system saves us time and money which we choose to share these savings with you.

Compare Us To Other Florist Affiliate Programs

If you find a higher paying florist affiliate program, please let us know.

High comisssion rates mean nothing if they are not backed up by high sales conversion rates. Our flower products are reasonably priced, our site is easy-to-use, and it is designed to convert your visitors into flower buyers. We have some of the highest conversion rates in the industry.

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Who We Are

Florist One® grew out of a third generaltion, family florist business in Lake Ronkonkoma, New York that dates back to 1959. We have been online since 1999 and have delivered over a 1 million orders.

We have deep knowledge of flowers and the florist industry. Our experience has allowed us to perfect our algorithm to select the best local florists. Read more about us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you pay a 20% commission?

We have a lean, efficient flower delivery system - we can, and want to pass our savings on to the affiliates that bring in flower orders to us. The Florist One® affiliate program is built on the philosophy of rewarding affiliates for their work and we believe this will bring in more flower sales.

Do you have white label florist solution to sell flowers?

Yes, the Florist One API lets you build and brand a fully customizable flower solution that completely integrates into your website. The Florist One API is used in combination with the Florist One Affiliate program and pays the same commission rate of 20%.

The Florist One API does require customer programming. If you do not have, or do not want to devote custom programming resources, the Flower Delivery Plugin allows you quickly setup up a white label flower website on WordPress.

We are a funeral home, can you help us offer flowers?

Yes, we specialize in helping funeral homes offer flowers. Please see how we help funeral homes with flower sales.

Do you have special links and tools?

Yes, apart from the Florist One API and Flower Delivery Plugin, we have many simple and specialized and custom solutions to faciliate flower sales in a variety of situations.

These include link solutions and product spreadsheets that will help you create custom landing pages for geographic locations, hospitals, funeral homes and other special situations. Please contact us and we'll be happy to give you more details or have a conversation to understand what your needs.

Where can you deliver flowers to, what are your coverage areas?

We deliver across the United States (including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico) and Canada. Our coverage is as good or better than any national florist out there.

There may be some remote places that we can't get flowers to but this is not common and generally means it's a location that is not serviceable with flower delivery.

Who does Customer Service on the order?

Florist One handles every aspect of Customer Service. When sales are made, the customer gets a Order Confirmation Email that has methods of contacting Florist One by phone, email or text. Customers reach out directly to us when there is a need and we take care of all apsects of Customer Service on your flower sales.

Do you have a tiered florist affiliate program?

A tiered affiliate program allows affiliates to recruit sub-affiliates. When the sub-affiliate gets a sale, the 'master' affiliate also gets a commission from the sale that was originated by the sub-affiliate.

Yes, Florist One does have a tiered affiliate program in that an affiliate can have sub-affiliates under them. We only allow one level, meaning sub-afffilaites can't recruit their own sub-affiliates

An example of a tiered setup. (or master/sub-affiliate). would be a software company providing funeral homes with funeral home websites or obitauries. The funeral home gets paid when flowers are sold and the sotware company also profits from this sale.

What countries does your florist affiliate program cover?

Our network of florists deliver flowers only to the United States and Canada. You can live anywhere in the world and be part of our program but your website traffic or applications needs to pertain to an American or Canadian audience as that is where our flowers are delivered.

We support American ($US) and Canadian ($CA) currencies. Canadian currency makes it possible for affiliates to effectively sell flowers in Canada. Canadian affiliates will be paid in Canadian dollars for Canadian sales.

Do you allow PPC or Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

Yes, we do allow PPC or pay-per-click marketing but we do not allow that traffic to be directed to the Florist One website. PPC would need to be directed at your website or a website you've built using the Florist One API.

Please contact us if you are planning on doing PPC for the Florist One Affiliate Program

Do you allow email marketing?

We allow email marketing only to your own opt-in lists.

When do I get paid?

Promptly. Monthly commission checks are mailed to affiliates from Florist One® on the first day of the month for sales generated in the previous month.

Affiliates in the United States and Canada can be paid by ACH or direct deposit instead of a check. International affiliates are only paid by PayPal as we do not send out checks or do direct deposits.

A minimum of $150 in commissions is required for a check to be mailed out. This allows us to avoid writing many small checks. If your sales have not reached $150, they will carry forward to the next month.

Are there any costs associated with your affiliate program?

There are no costs at all. The Florist One® Affiliate program is 100% free.

I have other questions, how can I contact you?

Please email us at:>

How do I begin?

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