There are many different types of funeral flowers and knowing which would be appropriate to send can be a daunting task. Hopefully this will help guide you and make the decision process less difficult. 

What are the Different Types of Funeral Flowers?

Love's Tapestry $114.95
With Distinction $159.95
Sacred Duty Spray $174.95
Stately Croton $69.95

Table Arrangements & Basket Arrangements

Table arrangements are usually displayed on tables around the funeral home. Basket arrangements which can also be on tables, may also be placed on the floor near some of the larger pieces.

Love's Tapestry $114.95
In Our Thoughts Arrangement $134.95
Tender Tribute $109.95
Morning Stars Arrangement $149.95

Who can send table arrangements or basket?

They can be sent by anyone

Where can table arrangements or basket arrangements be delivered?

Standing Sprays, Wreaths, Hearts, & Crosses

These items are similar as they are all displayed on an easel. They are typically displayed near the casket with the other larger flower arrangements.

Gently into the Ever-after $224.95
Treasured Memories Standing Spray $199.95
Sweet Farewell Standing Spray $189.95
Heavenly Sentiments Spray $199.95

Who can send standing sprays, wreath, hearts, or crosses?

They can be sent by anyone but usually

Where can standing sprays, wreaths, hearts, or crosses be delivered?

These items should never be delivered to a family’s home but can be sent

Graceful Tribute Wreath $279.95
Honor One's Country $274.95
Richly Remembered $249.95
Serenity Wreath $249.95

Casket Sprays

Who can send casket sprays?

These should only be placed by the people making the funeral arrangements

Where can casket sprays be delivered?

Bountiful Memories Casket Spray $274.95
Sincerity Casket Spray $349.95
Red Rose Sanctuary Casket Spray $299.95
Strength and Wisdom Casket Spray $224.95


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