Need to know information

  • Full name of the deceased
  • Where the visitation/services will take place
  • When the visitation/services will occur

Pink Tribute Spray $139.95
We Fondly Remember $139.95
Sweet Solace Bouquet $109.95
Traditional Floor Basket $74.95


Can I send an funeral arrangement to a colleague from just myself or should I chip in with a group of people?

Whatever works for you both options are appropriate. Many people may choose a group of coworkers to go in on a funeral arrangement for a colleague, however there is nothing wrong with sending an arrangement just from you.


Sending a Colleague an Arrangement From Just You.

If you want to send a small arrangement from just you here are two good examples


Heavenly Scented Basket

Heavenly Scented Basket Item No. S46-4551 The Heavenly Scented Basket is bursting with a collection of vibrant blooms to convey your deepest sympathies for their loss. Cream roses, light blue delphinium, white spider chrysanthemums, white button poms and lush greens create a sweet presentation, arranged in a natural woven rope basket, to make their day just a little bit brighter with its elegant beauty. Approximate Size: 16"h x 15"w $69.95

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Cherished Friend Bouquet

Cherished Friend Bouquet Item No. S3-4440 The Cherished Friend Bouquet offers comfort and sympathy in the time of grief and loss. Bright white roses and Peruvian lilies are accented by lush greens and gorgeously arranged in a clear glass gathering vase to create a bouquet that will bring peace and show how much you care. Approximate Size: 18"h x 12"w $69.95

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Sending a Colleague and Arrangement From a Group

However if your looking to spend a little less going chipping in with a group of people will allow you to send a larger arrangement for less money. Say you and three other people went in on an item, like the one shown below, that is $74.95 then between the four of you it would be $18.73.


Red and White Floor Basket

Red and White Floor Basket Item No. FA302 A floor basket of red carnations and white gladioli. Appropriate for funeral home. Approximate Size: 36"h x 30"w $84.95

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Your options change drastically by sending an arrangement between multiple people. Here is a $199.95 arrangement, if you split that 4 ways it still only leaves you with $49.99 per person. 


Blessings of the Earth Easel

Blessings of the Earth Easel Item No. S37-4522 The Blessings of the Earth Easel is a soft and serene arrangement that elegantly honors the life of the deceased. Lavender roses, pink carnations, pink Asiatic lilies, blue hydrangea, yellow stock, lavender button poms, solidago and lush greens are beautifully accented with a lavender satin ribbon and displayed on a wire easel to create a gorgeous display for their memorial service. Approximate Size: 36"h x 20"w $199.95

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What would be an appropriate size arrangement to send for a colleague?

Sizes of the arrangements are shown under the product description. Most of our arrangements are appropriately sized for a funeral home. Arrangements generally fall into three categories:


You can get see more information on Funeral Arrangement Sizes here.


Your Light Shines $109.95
Heavenly Grace Spray $179.95
Radiant Foliage Planter $74.95
Peace Eternal Wreath $249.95


Can I add a ribbon with a specific message on it, like a company name?

Unfortunately we are unable to put a company name or who the arrangement is from on the ribbon. The script that goes on the ribbon are preprinted sayings, like “Grandfather”, or “Brother”. However if you wished the ribbon to say Friend that would be appropriate.


How to add a friend ribbon:

  • Find the Special Delivery Instructions box
  • Type “Ribbon: Friend”
  • Proceed with placing the order.


When filling out the card message be sure to include 

  • A short but sweet message to comfort the family
  • All of your names (especially with a group of people)
  • The company or place that you were colleagues


What are some examples of card messages that would be appropriate for a colleague?

  • With deepest sympathy.
  • My/Our heartfelt sympathy.
  • My/Our thoughts are with you at your time of need.
  • With deep sorrow and fond remembrance.

Dreams From the Heart Bouquet $99.95
Joyful Memory $109.95
We Fondly Remember $139.95
Large Basket Garden $89.95