Many varieties of garden roses reach their peak in June so it’s no surprise that June is known by some as the “Rose month.” Roses are also the official and traditional birthday flowers for June, likely due to their abundance and perfection during that month. While high quality roses are now available year round, it’s always a good idea to take advantage of flowers like roses at the natural peak of their season.

The Pure Enchantment Rose Bouquet

The Pure Enchantment Rose Bouquet Item No. E6-4821 The Pure Enchantment Rose Bouquet blossoms with brilliant roses in bright hues to capture your special recipient's every attention. Hot pink, lavender and orange roses create a splash of color accented with lush bupleurum to make an exceptional flower bouquet. Presented in a modern clear glass vase, this rose bouquet is set to send your warmest wishes for their birthday, as a thank you gift or to celebrate any of life's special moments. Approximate Size: 12"w x 18"h $99.95

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Rose Birthday Flowers Come in Many Varieties

Roses come in many varieties and colors making them very versatile birthday flowers for June or any other month. In fact, there are so many types of roses and so many types of flower arrangements made with roses that making a decision about which June birthday flowers to buy can be difficult. Don’t worry, though, a little information about roses as June birthday flowers can help you find the perfect roses and rose arrangement for the lucky recipient.

The Blooming Masterpiece Rose Bouquet $89.95
The Enchanting Rose Bouquet $89.95
Madly in Love $199.95
The Lavender Rose Bouquet $89.95


June Birthday Flowers for Women and Girls

When it comes to buying flowers for women and girls with June birthdays, roses in pink, lavender, yellow, peach, ivory, and white are all very popular. Accent flowers such as baby’s breath or limonium often add a feminine touch to the classic beauty of roses.

This Magic Moment

This Magic Moment Item No. T66-1A It will be a magic moment when this divine bowl of pastel roses is hand-delivered to someone special. Perfect for any occasion, the soft colors and variety of rose blossoms will soothe anyone's soul. Beautiful yellow roses, peach and white spray roses and greens are delivered in a clear glass bubble ball. The effect is magical. Approximate Size: 11" h x 13" w $99.95

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Arrangements of mixed colors of roses are a great choice if you are uncertain of which color of flowers is her favorite. 

The Bright Spark Rose Bouquet

The Bright Spark Rose Bouquet Item No. E4-4809 This spirited bouquet holds roses in bold hues - hot pink, orange, red and bright yellow. Certain to be an attention-getter! These vivacious roses are arranged with seeded eucalyptus in a clear glass vase. Approximate Size: 14"w x 19"h $89.95

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June Birthday Flowers for Men and Boys

 Red, yellow, and orange roses are popular June birthday flower choices for men and boys. White and ivory roses are also often ordered for men and boys. Sleek styling and avoidance of the traditional baby’s breath makes these flowers both a bit more modern and a lot more masculine.

The Yellow Rose Bouquet

The Yellow Rose Bouquet Item No. E7-4808 Sunny yellow roses are a cheery and wonderful gift. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, graduation or any occasion with this lively bouquet arranged with seeded eucalyptus in a clear glass vase. Approximate Size: 15"w x 19"h $89.95

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Contemporary Rose Arrangements for June Birthday Flowers

While roses are the official, traditional birthday flowers for June and they have been for a very long time, that doesn’t make them old-fashioned or out of style. Contemporary arrangements of roses, like those shown below, make an excellent gift for anyone with a June birthday who likes flowers that are a bit more modern and stylish.

The Deep Emotions Rose Bouquet by Better Homes and Gardens

The Deep Emotions Rose Bouquet by Better Homes and Gardens Item No. B25-4401 The Deep Emotions Rose Bouquet showers your special recipient with affection and admiration in sun-crushed hues. Deep fuchsia roses and spray roses share the spotlight with bright orange roses, green hypericum berries and lily grass blades gorgeously arranged in a clear glass vase. Fresh and eye-catching with extraordinary color, this bouquet will evoke warm feelings with its undeniable charm. Approximate Size: 6"w x 8"h $79.95

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Madly in Love

Madly in Love Item No. T9-3A If you're crazy about someone and not afraid to show it, this bright jewel-toned arrangement is the perfect way to express your love. Lavender, red and hot pink roses along with coral and red spray roses arranged in a red-hot cube vase are an absolutely beautiful way to get your message across. Approximate Size: 10" h x 11" w $199.95

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Red Roses as June Birthday Flowers

 People most often associate red roses with romantic occasions and romantic relationships. This makes them the perfect birthday flowers for husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends born in the month of June. But red roses also make wonderful June birthday flowers for friends, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, daughters and anyone else unlikely to misconstrue them as a romantic gesture. 

The Red Rose Bouquet

The Red Rose Bouquet Item No. E2-4305 Nothing speaks of love so much as a bouquet of beautiful red roses. Arranged with seeded eucalyptus in a classic glass vase, this bouquet is a gift to her heart from yours. Approximate Size: 12"w x 18"h $89.95

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Rose Romanesque Bouquet

Rose Romanesque Bouquet Item No. T231-1A A beautiful gift. A heartfelt gesture. A loving tribute. This absolutely stunning red rose arrangement will deliver your care and compassion beautifully. Brilliant red roses and spray roses along with vibrant fern and ivy are perfectly arranged in an exclusive Jewel vase. Vase may vary Approximate Size: 20" h x 19 1/2" w $139.95

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Other Flowers Can Be Mixed with Roses for a June Birthday

 Roses also make beautiful birthday arrangements when combined with other flowers. For those desiring a bit more variety or wishing to include the recipient’s favorite types of flowers, birthday flowers with roses mixed in are another great June birthday choice. In combination with a nice assortment of other flowers, roses add richness and grace to any flower arrangement.

This arrangement including cream and light pink roses is a wonderful example of a feminine mixed flowers vase, and is well-suited for June birthday giving.

Beautiful Whisper

Beautiful Whisper Item No. T237-1A A whisper-quiet affirmation of love. Subtle shadings of pink and white roses, lilies and delicate Queen Anne's lace in a simple, elegant vase. Gorgeous flowers such as white, crème and light pink roses, white oriental lilies and delicate Queen Anne's lace with a touch of silvery dusty miller, all in a classic hurricane vase. Approximate Size: 15 1/2" h x 15 1/2" w $164.95

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This vibrant, cheerful basket of flowers including yellow roses would make a great birthday gift for either a man or a woman.

Here's to You

Here's to You Item No. T29-1A Whether you are raising a vase to celebrate a birthday, a new job or any other occasion, here's the one to send. So bright, so beautiful, so colorful – men and women alike will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Brilliant blue hydrangea, yellow roses, red gerberas and miniature carnations, yellow button spray chrysanthemums are delivered in a vase. Here's to celebrating! Style of vase may vary. Approximate Size: 19 1/2" h x 16 1/2" w $84.95

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