Funeral Flowers from Coworkers

Whether a coworker of yours has lost someone or a coworker has passed it’s important to send flowers to honor the deceased. Sending funeral flowers to funeral services is very professional and keeps up your work relationships. You’re showing the family of the deceased that you care and are respectful of their loss. However you may be unsure of what types of arrangement you should send of you are a coworker, here are plenty of great examples.

Heartfelt Condolences Item No. S9-4980 Let this exquisite composition of beautiful white blossoms deliver your sympathy and comfort loved ones grieving a loss. The elegance of this arrangement and its warm, homey basket base makes it an appropriate addition to any wake, funeral or graveside service, or to send to the home of family or friends. Handcrafted by a local FTD artisan florist of individually selected white roses, stock, cushion pompons and larkspur set among complementary greens for a memorable bouquet that evokes a tranquil sense of heavenly hope. Style of Basket may vary. Approximate Size: 19"h x 18"w $79.95

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Table Arrangements from Coworkers

If you don’t know the coworker very well a nice table arrangement will show you’re condolences without being over the top or going over a budget. These items are appropriate to send to the funeral services or even to the family’s home as a sympathy arrangement.

Rays of Solace Bouquet Item No. S40-4529 The Rays of Solace Bouquet is a cheerful burst of color to extend your deepest sympathies. Crème de la Crème roses, orange gerbera daisies, purple lisianthus, green button poms and a mix of vibrant greens are beautifully arranged in a clear glass gathering vase to create a warm bouquet expressing hope with every colorful bloom. Approximate Size: 15"h x 13"w $59.95

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Patriotic Tribute $74.95
Little Angel $189.95
Encircling Grace $194.95
Warm Embrace Arrangement $115.95


Funeral Plants from Coworkers

Another appropriate thing to send to a funeral or as sympathy would be a funeral plant.  This is something the family will be able to enjoy as a remembrance of their loved one for days to come.

Rural Beauty $94.95
The Loving Light Dishgarden $65.95
Medium Dish Garden $59.95
The Peace Lily $59.95


Funeral Baskets from Coworkers

Perhaps you knew your coworker better than just being acquaintances, than a funeral basket would be more appropriate. Anything from all white funeral flowers to a mix of red and white funeral flowers are wonderful ways to honor the loss of a coworker or a coworker’s family member.

Serene Lily Basket Item No. F1-228 Peaceful white lillies are set against vibrant greens to create a truly serene basket. Grace and dignity flow from this arrangement of white lillies, carnations, minature carnations and lush greens. An elegant choice for a funeral service or the the family's home. Approximate Size: 25" h x 26" w $84.95

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In Loving Memory Arrangement Item No. S17-4474 The In Loving Memory Arrangement pays tribute to a life well-lived with every beautiful bloom. Red roses and carnations pop amongst this incredible arrangement of white hydrangea, Oriental lilies, snapdragons, larkspur, Queen Anne's Lace and assorted lush greens, lovingly arranged in a large whitewash rectangular basket to create an impressive display of caring kindness. Approximate Size: 28"h x 28"w $149.95

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Funeral Standing Sprays from Coworkers

A standing spray is a display of flowers that is placed on an easel so they are easily visible. These items are perfect to send from a company, if coworkers are chipping in to send a funeral piece standing sprays are some of the more popular choices.

Sweet Solace Spray Item No. T249-1A Rejoice with this softly dramatic cascade of pink and yellow blooms – lilies, gladioli and chrysanthemums – that has hints of eucalyptus and variegated greens. Stems of flowers such as pink lilies, gladioli and carnations with yellow snapdragons, and daisy spray mums, accented by variegated greens and eucalyptus. Approximate Size: 43" h x 38" w $159.95

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The Care and Compassion Spray is a stunning all red funeral flower standing spray that will show your deepest sympathy.

Care and Compassion Spray Item No. T230-1A Your care and compassion will be appreciated by all who lay eyes on this radiant standing spray. A variety of lovely vibrant red blossoms contrasted by vivid green of bells of Ireland will deliver your heartfelt condolences. Perfectly. Dazzling flowers such as red roses, gladioli and carnations along with bells of Ireland and other simple greenery create a spray that is both memorable and magical. Approximate Size: 46" h x 23" w $224.95

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Funeral Wreaths from Coworkers

Funeral wreaths are another example of a funeral arrangement that multiple coworkers, or the company could send in honor of someone. The Ring of Friendship Wreath is a colorful and happy funeral flower arrangement. It has all yellow flowers and will symbolize the bright person that your company or job has lost.

Ring of Friendship Wreath Item No. S38-4217 The Ring of Friendship Wreath holds golden yellow roses, Asiatic lilies and dendrobium orchids against a background of assorted greenery. An expression of your friendship and sympathies. Approximate Size: 23"d $249.95

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Infinite Love $224.95
Peace Eternal Wreath $249.95
Honor One's Country $274.95
Reflections of Glory Wreath $249.95

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Funeral Flowers for Coworkers

If you coworker has just passed sending funeral flowers is a nice way to honor the departed. Funeral flowers are appropriate flowers to send for visitations and funeral services and should never be sent to the family’s home or to the job place. Standing Sprays are a beautiful and appropriate arrangement whether you’re sending them from a large group or just yourself.

Exquisite Tribute Standing Spray Item No. S6-4447 The Exquisite Tribute Standing Spray is an elegant display of sweet serenity. White roses, Asiatic lilies, chrysanthemums and mini carnations are artfully arranged amongst emerald palm fronds and lush greens. Accented by white satin ribbon and standing on a wire easel, this standing spray is an outstanding way to honor the life of your loved one. Approximate Size: 32"h x 20"w $159.95

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Wreaths are another stunning way to symbolize the importance your coworker was to the workplace.

Treasured Tribute Wreath $249.95
Loving Remembrance Wreath $279.95
Richly Remembered $249.95
Red Rose Wreath $299.95


Funeral Flowers for Coworkers Grieving

Perhaps your coworker has just lost someone very close to them. It’s important to show your compassion and sympathy to them. Make sure they feel support and understanding towards their devastating loss.  If you’re close with your coworker these basket arrangements will help you show your deepest sympathy.

Sunny Memories $129.95
Rose Remembrance $124.95
Love's Journey $69.95
Red and White Handled Basket $74.95

Even if you didn’t know the person or coworker that well, sending a sympathy arrangement like the Eternal Affection Arrangement is very appropriate to show that you are keeping them in mind.

Eternal Affection Arrangement Item No. S7-4450 The Eternal Affection Arrangement is a peaceful offering of heartfelt sympathy. White gladiolus, Peruvian lilies, carnations, mini carnations and lush greens are beautifully arranged in a round whitewash handled basket to create a beautiful display of soft serenity. Approximate Size: 15"h x 12"w $74.95

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Sympathy Plants for Coworkers

Maybe you don’t want to send flowers and would prefer something that would last longer. Sending a sympathy plant is another appropriate way to send your condolences. Plants symbolize life and may give comfort to the family as a sign of eternal life.  Plants are perfect for a coworker or coworker’s family since you may not know their beliefs or what flowers they prefer. The Spathiphyllum which means peace and prosperity in Latin is always appropriate to show your sympathy. The spathiphyllum is also known as the peace lily, they are green plants with white blooms. The white flower symbolizes innocence or being reborn.

The Peace Lily Item No. F1-CPP The Peace Lily is a popular arrangement to send a message of tranquility and serenity. White blossoms emerging from dark leaves set in a natural wicker basket convey lasting peace and elegance. Approximate Size: $59.95

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There are many other applicable plants to give to the family, since they’re not high maintenance you won’t have to worry about it being a burden to care for.

Enduring Spirit Pothos Basket $49.95
The Schefflera Arboricola $94.95
Small Garden Dish $59.95
The Peace Lily $59.95

Sympathy to the Home

It’s never too late to send a sympathy arrangement to the family of a coworker or to a grieving coworker. Even if you missed the services reaching out to those in mourning will still be appreciated. The Loving Sympathy Basket is a beautiful sympathy arrangement that can be sent to the home after services have ended to show your sorrow for their loss.

Loving Sympathy Basket Item No. S31-4509 The Loving Sympathy Basket is a wonderful way to convey your condolences for their loss. Lavender roses, pink Asiatic lilies, lavender daisies, purple matsumoto asters, green hypericum berries and lush greens are sweetly arranged in a square whitewash basket to create a lovely way to offer you caring kindness during this trying time. Approximate Size: 14"h x 16"w $84.95

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An alternative to sending flowers and plants would be to send a fruit basket. This item isn’t appropriate to have sent to the funeral home, but if it’s going to the family’s home it’s perfect.

Thoughtful Gesture Fruit Basket Item No. C30-4571 The Thoughtful Gesture Fruit Basket is a gift that offers warmth and comfort whenever it is needed. A beautiful green-rimmed natural woodchip basket accented with a green taffeta ribbon arrives with a collection of everyone's fruit favorites. Approximate Size: 13"w x 13"h $59.95

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