Not everyone wants to send things to funeral services. Sometimes it’s just as good to send a sympathy plant to the home. It’s the perfect way to show your love and support without having to worry about getting funeral flowers or funeral plants in time for a service.

Enduring Spirit Pothos Basket

Enduring Spirit Pothos Basket Item No. F1-509 Honor their memory for years to come with a 6” trailing Pothos in a wicker basket. The Pothos plant does not require much light and is easy to maintain, yet it is lush, vibrant, and grows fast, making it an ideal and lasting condolence sentiment. Appropriate for the family's home or the funeral home. Approximate Size: 12”h x 10”w $59.95

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Radiant Foliage Planter $74.95
Medium Dish Garden $74.95
Small Garden Dish $59.95
The Loving Light Dishgarden $65.95


Dish Gardens in a Basket 

Dish gardens are a beautiful mix of different green and blooming plants that are potted together. They are a great way to show togetherness during a sorrowful time and to lend your support during bereavement.

French Garden

French Garden Item No. C23-4886 The French Garden employs lush, green plants to create a gift ideal for any of life's special occasions. Containing a varied assortment of green plants, this dish garden arrives presented in a basket to create a wonderful way to send your sentiments across the miles. Variety of plants and basket style will vary. Approximate Size: 14"w x18"h $64.95

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They come in different sizes, shapes, and sometimes are even accented with fresh cut flowers like the Peace and Serenity Basket below.

Peace & Serenity Dishgarden

Peace & Serenity Dishgarden Item No. S9-4454 The Peace & Serenity Dishgarden is a gorgeous way to convey your deepest sympathies for your special recipient's loss. A collection of incredibly beautiful plants accented by fresh cut stems of white Peruvian lilies. Variety of plants and basket style will vary. Approximate Size: 18"h x 13"w $64.95

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Dish Gardens in a Ceramic Container

Dish gardens also come in different containers, like ceramics or a low bowl. These are equally as appropriate for sympathy as flowers especially when going to the home.

Stately Croton $69.95
Serene Retreat $79.95
Large Basket Garden $89.95
The Peace Lily $79.95

Radiant Foliage Planter

Radiant Foliage Planter Item No. F1-407 Fresh cut pink Asiatic lilies brighten assorted foliage plants in a ceramic dishgarden to honor their life, send your deepest sympathy and hope for the days ahead. Style of container may vary depending on availability. Appropriate for the family's home or the funeral home.Variety of plants and container style will vary. Approximate Size: 18"h x 16"w $74.95

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Sympathy Peace Lily for Home Delivery

Peace lilies are the most popular sympathy plant. It’s easy to care for so it won’t be a burden for the family to care for. Peace lilies are symbolic of peace and purity after death. Their given name spathiphyllum translates from Latin to peace and prosperity.

The Peace Lily

The Peace Lily Item No. F1-CPP The Peace Lily is a popular arrangement to send a message of tranquility and serenity. White blossoms emerging from dark leaves set in a natural wicker basket convey lasting peace and elegance. Approximate Size: $79.95

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Other Sympathy Plants for Home Delivery

There are many other plants that can provide comfort after losing someone. Plants last much longer than flowers so a sympathy plant can be a great reminder of a loved one. A croton plant has many different colors to help brighten the mood during such a somber time.

Stately Croton

Stately Croton Item No. T106-2A The croton is dignified and delightful. Its glossy green leaves carry vibrant accents of red and orange, making it the perfect plant for a wide variety of locations. Easy to care for and easy to love, this is one plant that is sure to brighten everyone's day. An impressively graceful croton is delivered in an elegant burgundy footed planter. A grand gesture indeed! Container may vary Approximate Size: 33 1/2" h x 32 1/2" w $69.95

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An arboricola plant is a lush green plant with leafy branches. The item is perfect for sending sympathy to the home, so that way the family doesn’t have to worry about bringing it home after the funeral services

Amazing Arboricola

Amazing Arboricola Item No. T104-3A Also known as the umbrella plant due to its lovely arching leafy branches, this is an amazing gift. It can last for years and lend its graceful beauty to any home or office. Standing almost three feet tall in its olive green ceramic planter, this arboricola is a natural. Color and style of container may vary. Approximate Size: 34 1/2" h x 27" w $99.95

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