It’s important to honor those who have served for our country, whether they were active duty, selected reserve or former military. It’s customary for the flag to be draped over the casket for military funerals.  Since nothing should be placed on top of the flag casket sprays wouldn’t be appropriate pieces to have for these services. Standing sprays would be a more appropriate arrangement to honor and remember our fallen heroes.  Sacred Duty Spray is the perfect way to honor a loved veteran.

Sacred Duty Spray

Sacred Duty Spray Item No. T240-2A Standing tall, proud and patriotic, this dazzling free-standing spray is like a fireworks display made of graceful flowers. Uniquely beautiful, it's a lovely way to honor a great loss. A gorgeous selection of flowers such as white lilies and snapdragons, blue delphinium, red carnations and miniature carnations, eucalyptus and more create this all-American spray. Approximate Size: 42" h x 27" w $184.95

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Patriotic Flower Arrangements

Showing respect can come in different sizes. Arrangements that are accented with American flags are another great way to honor your loved ones such as The American Glory Bouquet, America the Beautiful by Teleflora, and The Unity Bouquet. These are also great patriotic arrangements if you are on a budget, plus it’s something the family and loved ones would be able to take home.

The American Glory Bouquet

The American Glory Bouquet Item No. B30-4433 The American Glory Bouquet bursts with patriotic pride and heartfelt beauty. Blue delphinium, bright red carnations and mini carnations and brilliant white Asiatic lilies create a spectacular display arranged amongst American Flags in a round whitewash basket, creating a lovely way to celebrate this coming July 4th holiday. Approximate Size: 12"w x 18"h $74.95

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America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful Item No. T163-2A This patriotic arrangement is such a stunning way to honor the courage, the character, the people and the places in this country we call home. Red roses and carnations, white asiatic lilies and alstroemeria, blue statice and an American flag fill an exclusive blue glass cube. It's certain to be appreciated from sea to shining sea. Approximate Size: 13 1/2" h x 14" w $74.95

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The Unity Bouquet

The Unity Bouquet Item No. B30-4434 The Unity Bouquet sparks the hearts of all Americans with its patriotic beauty and dazzling color. Bright red roses mingle with blue iris arranged amongst white Peruvian lilies and assorted greens. Accented with two American Flags and a red, white and blue ribbon, this stunning bouquet arrives arranged in a clear glass vase to create a gorgeous way to celebrate our Independence Day. Approximate Size: 14"w x 18"h $79.95

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Funeral Flower Arrangements for Veterans

There is no better way to show your respect and gratitude for our military members by sending a red, white, and blue arrangement. The Reflections of Glory Wreath is a beautiful wreath that will accompany those patriotic colors.

Reflections of Glory Wreath

Reflections of Glory Wreath Item No. T241-1A A stunning display of patriotism, strength and sympathy. This red, white and blue wreath delivers a lovely message about the dignity of the deceased. A lovely array of flowers such as blue hydrangea, red roses and spray roses, delicate blue delphinium, red gladioli, white cushion spray chrysanthemums and more create a circle of serene beauty. Approximate Size: 24 1/2" h x 24 1/2" w $264.95

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Here are a few other funeral arrangements that include red, white, and blue flowers.


Traditional Floor Basket $79.95
Rose Remembrance $194.95
Red and White Handled Basket $84.95
Loving Lilies and Roses Bouquet $169.95

With Distinction

With Distinction Item No. T240-1A A dazzling display of patriotic red, white and blue flowers sends a silent yet poignant statement about hope, freedom and the strength to endure. This proud bouquet is a testament to life that is sure to be appreciated. A beautiful mix of all-American red, white and blue flowers such as hydrangea, roses, miniature carnations, snapdragons, chrysanthemums and more are perfectly arranged in a white urn. Approximate Size: 34 1/2" h x 30 1/2" w $169.95

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The Broken Heart arrangement symbolizes the pain of losing a loved one that has given their life for our freedoms.


American Flag Flower Arrangements

There are many different traditions that take place during a military funeral. Some of the traditions that take place include military gun salute, playing of Taps, folding of the flag, and presenting of the flag.  The Glory Be Flag Tribute is a beautiful American Flag arrangement due to its shape and representation of the American Flag.


Heavenly Sentiments Spray $209.95
Rays of Light Spray $189.95
Sweet Solace Spray $169.95
Faithful Friend Standing Spray $194.95

To Honor One's Country Wreath is another perfect arrangement to show patriotism and to symbolize the American Flag.

Golden Remembrance Wreath $289.95
Reflections of Glory Wreath $264.95
Graceful Wreath $264.95
Serenity Wreath $264.95

Other Flower Arrangements for Veterans

If you wanted to send something that’s little more subtle but still very appropriate The Justice Basket is the perfect way to show your sympathy to the family of a soldier lost.

The Justice Basket

The Justice Basket Item No. B30-4340 The Justice Basket is a perfect display of patriotic beauty. Red spray roses, carnations and miniature carnations are accented with a spray of white standard daisies presented in a whitewash basket gorgeously accented with a blue designer ribbon to create a floral arrangement that will do your heartfelt sentiment justice. Approximate Size: 9"w x 9"h $69.95

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Red, white, and blue arrangements aren’t the only way to send your condolences. There are many other options. Other sympathy arrangements are just as appropriate to help express the loss of a loved one.

French Garden $79.95
Soft Serenity Floor Basket $139.95
Everlasting Memory Standing Spray $199.95
Sunlit Memories Standing Spray $209.95