Showing your appreciation for someone else's kindness is essential in keeping up a good relationship. Whether it is business related, family, friends, or even an acquaintance they will certainly appreciate knowing you respect what they do or have done for you. One of the best ways to thank someone is by sending them flowers. Here are a few perfect ways to brighten someone’s day as they have done for you.

Stately Croton

Stately Croton Item No. T106-2A The croton is dignified and delightful. Its glossy green leaves carry vibrant accents of red and orange, making it the perfect plant for a wide variety of locations. Easy to care for and easy to love, this is one plant that is sure to brighten everyone's day. An impressively graceful croton is delivered in an elegant burgundy footed planter. A grand gesture indeed! Container may vary Approximate Size: 33 1/2" h x 32 1/2" w $79.95

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Business Related Thank You Flowers

            If an employee has been going above and beyond in the workplace sending flowers is a wonderful way to show that you appreciate their time and effort. You may want to stay away from sending reds flowers since those symbolize romance and you wouldn’t want to give the wrong idea. Yellows symbolize friendship, trust and respect which would make The Daylight Bouquet arrangement ideal.

Citrus Kissed $79.95
Fall Fantasia $84.95
Isn't It Romantic $99.95
The "Well Done" Bouquet $74.95

Oranges on the other hand represent happiness and growth. These two colors are perfect for a business related Thank you.  Therefore The Sweet Splendor Bouquet is another wonderful option.

The Sweet Splendor Bouquet

The Sweet Splendor Bouquet Item No. C4-4791 The Sweet Splendor Bouquet radiates cheer and well-wishes with every sun-filled bloom! Orange spray roses, yellow mini carnations, white traditional daisies and lush greens are brought together in a classic clear glass vase accented with a designer apricot plaid ribbon to create a bouquet set to brighten any day. Approximate Size: 10"w x 14"h $69.95

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Thank You Flowers for Family

            If your loved ones have been there for you during a difficult time in your life or even a joyful moment it’s always a good idea to show them you appreciate it. Perhaps they took care of you while you were ill, or maybe they help out after the birth of a new baby. Any reason the Angelique Bouquet would be flawless in acknowledging the good deed your family has done for you.

The Angelique Bouquet

The Angelique Bouquet Item No. C17-4842 The Angelique Bouquet blooms with sweet sophistication and gorgeous grace to create a special moment for your recipient. Cream roses are arranged to perfection against the royal purple hues of double lisianthus and monte casino asters perfectly accented with lush greens. Presented in a clear gathered square glass vase tied at the neck with an amber wired taffeta ribbon, this bouquet is an exquisite way to extend your warmest wishes and affection. Approximate Size: 12"w x 14"h $74.95

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Plants for Thank You

            Indoor plants are low maintenance since they don’t need a lot of exposure to light so you don’t have to worry about it being a burden for someone to care for. Whether it be a blooming garden basket, a peace lily, or numerous other plants they all show you’re grateful.

Small Garden Dish $74.95
Large Basket Garden $104.95
Amazing Arboricola $119.95
The Schefflera Arboricola $114.95