When sending flowers to a man in the hospital there are a few things you need to know before placing the order

  • Patient or employee's full name
  • Patient's room number/ department the employee works
  • Phone number for the recipient or someone staying at the hospital with them

The Homespun Harvest Bouquet $64.95
The Autumn Beauty Bouquet $69.95
The New Sunrise Bouquet $74.95
The Yellow Rose Bouquet $79.95

Masculine Arrangements

If you're sending flowers to a man in the hospital you may want to send something more masculine than a typical arrangement.

Garden Parade

Garden Parade Item No. T41-1A You'll want to put this colorful bouquet on your hit parade of gifts to send. Bold primary colors and a perfect mix of flowers make it great for men and women of all ages. In other words, it's a perfect arrangement. Yellow roses, alstroemeria, and button spray chrysanthemums, red miniature gerberas and matsumoto asters along with purple statice, salal and fern are delivered in a lovely hurricane vase. It's a garden parade to be proud of! Approximate Size: 13 1/2" h x 14" w $69.95

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Here's to You

Here's to You Item No. T29-1A Whether you are raising a vase to celebrate a birthday, a new job or any other occasion, here's the one to send. So bright, so beautiful, so colorful – men and women alike will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Brilliant blue hydrangea, yellow roses, red gerberas and miniature carnations, yellow button spray chrysanthemums are delivered in a vase. Here's to celebrating! Style of vase may vary. Approximate Size: 19 1/2" h x 16 1/2" w $74.95

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Hypoallergenic Flowers

If you’re sending flowers to a man in the hospital and they have allergies, here are some flowers look for.

  • Hydrangea
  • Iris
  • Rose
  • Tulip
  • Lilies (however lilies are very fragrant)

Sunsplash $74.95
Cotton Candy $79.95
The "Well Done" Bouquet $69.95
Carnation vase $59.95
Rosy Glow Bouquet

Rosy Glow Bouquet Item No. T70-1A Yellow roses symbolize friendship, and sending this sunny bouquet of bright yellow flowers is such a beautiful way to celebrate a special bond. Destined to make anyone's day glow, these roses are brilliant! Glowing yellow roses and solidago mixed with greens are delivered in a clear glass gathering vase. Sunny skies ahead! Approximate Size: 20" h x 16" w $84.95

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Flowers to AVOID due to allergies include:

  • Daisies
  • Gerber daisies
  • Asters
  • Sunflowers
  • Chrysanthemums

If you’re not concerned with allergies they make for stunning flower arrangements for a man in the hospital too.

Once Upon a Daisy

Once Upon a Daisy Item No. T34-1A This bright and sunny bouquet is as sweet as a fairy tale ending. Perfect for baby showers, birthdays and beyond. Beautiful light blue hydrangea, cheerful yellow gerberas and white daisy spray chrysanthemums are delivered in a light blue Satin Cylinder that comes complete with a pretty light blue ribbon. Blue skies ahead! Approximate Size: 14" h x 13 1/2" w $69.95

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Enchanted Journey $74.95
The Basket of Dreams $69.95
Uniquely Chic $69.95
She's Lovely $84.95

Basket Arrangements

Basket arrangements are always appropriate. Plus they are easy to transport throughout the hospital.

Basket Full of Wishes

Basket Full of Wishes Item No. T27-2A Wishes do come true, by the basketful, actually. This delightful arrangement is so full of sunny blossoms, it even includes a pretty yellow butterfly who obviously feels right at home, basking in the warmth. Brilliant yellow spray roses, asiatic lilies, miniature gerberas, carnations, alstroemeria, button spray chrysanthemums and delightful greenery are joined by a delicate butterfly in an oval basket. It's a basket of wonder and wishes! Approximate Size: 11" h x 12" w $79.95

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Golden Days Basket

Golden Days Basket Item No. T174-2A Here's a golden opportunity to make someone's day. Just send this delightful basket of fresh fall flowers to someone who's on your mind and you can be sure it will lift their spirits! Sunny sunflowers and asiatic lilies, gold and burgundy chrysanthemums, solidaster, brown copper beech and salal are splendidly arranged in a wicker basket. Approximate Size: 10 1/2" h x 14 1/4" w $74.95

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Vase Arrangements

Vase arrangements will last a little longer since they have a supply of water.

Meet Me in Provence

Meet Me in Provence Item No. T58-1A With a beauty reminiscent of the south of France, this proud and pretty arrangement holds nothing back. The colors, the flowers and the feeling of Provence are all present and accounted for in this wonderful bouquet. Yellow roses, spray roses and asiatic lilies, white spray roses and stock and the ever-delightful light blue delphinium are delivered in a vase. C'est magnifique Style of vase may vary. Approximate Size: 20" h x 16" w $89.95

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Pure Happiness

Pure Happiness Item No. T171-1A Pure happiness is what this pretty bouquet delivers – whether you're sending it for a fall birthday, Thanksgiving, thank you, or simply just because. Surely, no one can be in the presence of something so inherently happy and not smile. Sunny sunflowers, red roses and miniature carnations, bronze daisy spray chrysanthemums, large lavender monte cassino asters and autumn greens are beautifully arranged in a clear glass vase. Approximate Size: 21 1/2" h x 19 1/2" w $79.95

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The Birthday Cheer Bouquet $69.95
The Happiness Bouquet $64.95
The Sweeter Than Ever Bouquet $59.95
Spirit of Spring $59.95