How fast can flowers be delivered?

Usually within 3 to 4 hours after an order is placed. Normal delivery times are between 9am and 5pm. 

Will this be delivered directly to the patient?

Hospitals do not allow the delivery driver to go to the patient's room so the arrangements are delivered to a specific location within the hospital and then taken to the patient at their discretion.

Can I add a Get Well balloon to my order?

Most hospitals don't allow balloons (more specifically latex balloon if the balloon bouquet is order it will be filled to value with all mylar balloons) but in Special Instructions, you can request to add a single mylar balloon and if allowed, we will accommodate this. There is no charge for the balloon.

Can you notify me as soon as this has been delivered?

Text us later in the day at: 1-501-406-0358 or call us at: 1-877-610-8262 and we'll update you on your order. You will also receive a delivery confirmation email at the end of the day stating that your order has been delivered.

What if the patient has left the hospital?

We will contact you and ask you if you want to delivery to a home address. If not we will refund your money if flowers are not delivered.

Can flowers still be delivered today?

Yes if it is placed before 1pm in the hospital's time zone. If it's after 1pm but before 3pm, we will attempt delivery but there is a good possibility it will have to be delivered tomorrow instead. After 3pm, delivery will be tomorrow.

Are you located inside the hospital? Who is Florist One?

No, we use our preferred local florist, not located in the hospital. Florist One has been online since 1999. We've delivered over 1 million orders using trusted local florists.

Do I need the patient's room number?

No, we'll take care of that. However if you have it you can include it on the order either in the ‘Address’ or ‘Special Instruction’.

Is the patient allowed to receive flowers? How about ICU?

Most patients can receive flowers. ICU patients cannot generally receive flowers. We will check to see if your patient can receive flowers. If flowers are not delivered, you will not be charged.

Do you offer silk arrangements?

We do not offer silk flower arrangements, all of our arrangements are fresh.

Can flowers be delivered to a hospital employee?

If you are having flowers delivered to an employee please note the department they work in ‘Special Instruction’

Why would a patient not show up as registered in the hospital?

Please make sure to include the patient’s full name when placing an order, even including their maiden name in ‘Special Instruction”. Some patient may have different privacy policies, in which case we may need a code for the hospital to confirm the patient is there. Or simply they may be at a different location.

What happens if a patient is transferred?

We can change the address and if needed have the order sent to a florist closer to that area. Please note it may delay delivery slightly. If it can not be delivered to the new location your order will be refunded in full.

Can a plant be delivered to the hospital?

Most hospitals will not allow plants to be received because they are planted in dirt.

What size flower arrangement is appropriate for hospitals?

Sizes of the arrangements are shown under the product description. For hospitals Small and Medium size arrangements are appropriate, if they are too large the hospital may not accept them.

Small - Under 16” 

The The Happy Times Bouquet is a beautiful Get Well arrangment that is apporimately 14" high making it an appropriate size for hospital rooms.

The Happy Times Bouquet

The Happy Times Bouquet Item No. D3-4897 The Happy Times Bouquet employs roses and stock to bring vibrant color and fragrance straight to their door on their special day. Yellow roses, purple stock, green button poms, fuchsia mini carnations and lush greens create a stunning display beautifully arranged in a clear gathered square glass vase to help you convey your happy birthday wishes or send your congratulations. Approximate Size: 12"w x 14"h $74.95

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Medium - 16” to 30” 

The The Stunning Beauty Bouquet stands at about 18" high so it is larger and more full than a small arrangment but not too large that it would still be accepted by hospitals.

The Stunning Beauty Bouquet

The Stunning Beauty Bouquet Item No. C16-4839 The Stunning Beauty Bouquet is an absolutely lovely way to send your love and affection across the miles. Fragrant Stargazer lilies stretch their star-like petals across a bed of rich red roses, lavender carnations, red Peruvian lilies, purple double lisianthus, purple matsumoto asters and lush greens. Presented in a classic clear glass vase, this elegant bouquet is an incredible way to convey your sweetest sentiments. Approximate Size: 15"w x 18"h $79.95

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How do I know the arrangement will look the same as shown on the website? 

Our florist will make the arrangement as similar as possible. Should the florist have to make any substantial changes we would contact you for your approval.