The birthday flower for August is gladioli. Gladioli are named for the sword like shape from the Latin word “gladius,” or more recognizable gladiator. The blooms are arranged on one side and the flower stands tall just like a gladiator would. The may also be called the sword lily. Due to its shape gladiolus symbolize strength, faithfulness, honor, passion, having a good moral compass, and even love at first sight. They come in a different variety of colors like lavender, pink, green, yellow, white, and many more.

Joyful Memory

Joyful Memory Item No. T251-1A Lavender and white sympathy flowers make a grand statement in this joyful bouquet. Cherish your memories with this lasting remembrance of lavender larkspur and roses, deep purple asters, pure white gladioli and the softest pink heather. A classic assortment of flowers such as lavender larkspur, stock and roses, plus purple asters, white gladioli and pink heather. Approximate Size: 32" h x 20" w $109.95

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August Birthday Flowers for Women and Girls

            If you need to buy flowers for the woman or girl in your life and they have an August birthday arrangements that contain gladiolas are perfect. Since they come in different bright colors they look beautiful in arrangements with other matching bright flowers. The Lovely Tribute Bouquet is an all pink arrangement which will symbolize beauty.

Lovely Tribute Bouquet

Lovely Tribute Bouquet Item No. S20-4482 The Lovely Tribute Bouquet is a warm and blushing display of peace and beauty, set to honor the deceased and bring comfort to family and friends. Pink gladiolus, pale pink roses, bi-color pink roses, pink Asiatic lilies and an assortment of lush greens create a sophisticated arrangement seated in a clear glass gathering vase, symbolizing your heartfelt love and sympathy. Approximate Size: 27"h x 17"w $99.95

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The bright colors of gladiola look just as pretty with different bright flowers such as Gerber daises, lilies and roses just the Forever Dear Arrangement.

Forever Dear Arrangement

Forever Dear Arrangement Item No. S40-4530 The Forever Dear Arrangement is a colorful assortment of our finest blooms. Crème de la Crème roses, yellow Asiatic lilies, orange gerbera daisies, lavender gladiolus, plum carnations, and purple statice are accented with leatherleaf and sword fern stems. Gorgeously displayed in a natural buff woodchip basket, this arrangement will add to the natural beauty and serenity of their final tribute. Approximate Size: 27"h x 19"w $84.95

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August Birthday Flowers for Men and Boys

            Buying flowers for men and boys can often be more difficult since typically you may want to stay away from pinks and purples. Since gladiolas meaning represents strength and honor it will be meaningful for the guy in your life. Thankfully there are so many choices in the color of gladiolas they also come in reds and whites.  The all red arrangement Meditation Bouquet will symbolize how charming your loved one is.

Affection Arrangement $154.95
Celestial Love $79.95
Whispering Love $74.95
Loyal Heart $74.95

Similar Flowers to Gladiola

            Gladiolas are typically described as a line flower. There are many other line flowers such as Snapdragons, Larkspur, Delphinium and Stock. Although similar they are all still unique in their own way.  If you’re on a budget and like the look of gladiolus a mug of mixed flowers arrangement with snapdragon gives a similar look.

The Forever Sweet Bouquet is another example of similar flowers giving the same look as gladiolus.

The Forever Sweet Bouquet

The Forever Sweet Bouquet Item No. F1-313 Beauty, tenderness and grace flow from the soft pink of this one-sided arrangement. Pink snapdragons, pink Asiatic lilies, pink Gerbera daisies, pink stock and bright pink carnations are arranged with vibrant greens in a white bowl container to offer your eternal affection and adoration. Approximate Size: 28"h x 20"w $84.95

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And if you are looking for a similar look for a high end arrangement the Always Remembered Bouquet will surely grab your attention.

Always Remembered Bouquet

Always Remembered Bouquet Item No. S34-4516 The Always Remembered Bouquet is a colorful symbol of a life that will never be forgotten. Purple tulips, blue delphinium, lavender mini calla lilies, purple carnations, lavender larkspur and green hydrangea are gorgeously arranged in a clear purple designer glass vase to create an emotional tribute that conveys your deepest sympathies. Approximate Size: 20"h x 12"w $99.95

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Other Occasions

Gladioli are perfect for a variety of other occasions. Since the flower meaning can stand for honor and remembrance it makes them the perfect flower for funeral arrangements during the most heart retching and saddest of times. Here are a few examples that are a beautiful way to honor your loved one.

Serene Lily Basket $99.95
We Fondly Remember $139.95
Ever Upward Bouquet $169.95
Fond Reflections $159.95

Tender Touch Standing Spray

Tender Touch Standing Spray Item No. S33-4513 The Tender Touch Standing Spray creates an elegant display of beauty and color to enhance their final tribute. Lavender gladiolus, Stargazer lilies, fuchsia carnations, purple larkspur, lavender Peruvian lilies, lavender chrysanthemums, sword fern fronds, emerald palm fronds and other assorted greens are gorgeously arranged to create a sophisticated standing spray. Displayed on a wire easel, this arrangement will add to the sophistication of their service with each fragrant bloom. Approximate Size: 48"h x 26"w $174.95

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