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Pompom Chrysanthemums

Lavender Cushion Pompon

Lavender Daisy Pompon

Purple Daisy Pompon

White Daisy Pompom

Yellow Daisy Pompon

Green Cushion Pompon

Assorted Daisy Pompons

Assorted Pompon Varieties

  • Pompon Chrysanthemums are also known as Pompons, Pomps or Poms, or Spray Mums
  • they are long lasting flowers and one stem has several blooms
  • in the United States and Canada, they are regarded as positive and cheerful but they can be used in funeral pieces
  • Pompons come in varieties of Daisy, Buttons, Cushions, Novelty, Snowflake/Starburst

Common Colors

Daisy white, yellow, lavender, purple, rust
Buttons white, yellow, green
Cushion white, yellow, lavender, rust
Novelty yellow, green, lavender, purple
Snowflake or Starburst white