Yellow Football or Standard Mum
Lavender Football or Standard Mum
White Spider Mum
Green Spider Mum
Lavender Spider Mum
  • Chrysanthemums, also called 'mums', are long lasting flowers
  • all varieties are large and showy
  • Chrysanthemums come in Football Mums (also called Standard Mums), Spider Mums, Cremon Mums, Red Rover Mums
  • Football or Standard Mums were often used as a corsage for homecoming as they grew naturally in the fall
  • In the United States, they are regarded as positive and cheerful though they can still be used in funeral arrangements
  • Chrysanthemums are the birth flower for the month of November
Common Colors
Football or Standard Mums yellow, white, lavender, bronze
Spider Mums yellow, white, lavender, green bronze
Cremon Mums yellow, white, lavender
Red Rover Mums red