The Need to Send Flowers With Cryptocurrency

One of the problems hurting the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies is that they can’t be used to buy many real world products and services. We need your help to change that with flowers.

There is no national florist that accepts cryptocurrencies to deliver fresh flowers in the United States and Canada. There is a significant opportunity to build an application that lets users pay for flowers with crypto.

The Florist One API and a Cryptocurrency App for Flower Delivery

The Florist One API lets you build a flower storefront on any website or application and we pay you a 20% commission on orders through the Florist One Affiliate Program. But you can build more than just a flower storefront, the Florist One API lets you build your own brand.

"Place Order" is the API endpoint that you call to send the order details to us. Place Order requires a credit card.

To build an application to accept crypto currencies, your application accepts the crypto currency from the customer that buys the flowers. You use your company's credit card, (or your personal credit card), for the Place Order call with Florist One. Your customer is paying you in crypto and you pay Florist One in dollars. This customer needs only crypto to send flowers and Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other digital currency can be used.

Commissions Paid Upfront to Reduce Your Cash Outlay

When affiliates use their credit card to place the order as described above, we call this scenario ‘partner billing’.

With partner billing you receive your commissions right away, at the time the order is placed. This means that you are paying for only 80% of the flower value when the order is placed and receive your 20% commission upfront. This reduces your cash outlay.

Covering Fluctuation Costs and Transaction Fees - Bitcoin Example

Crypto currencies can fluctuate significantly in a short period of time and this can pose a risk to an application accepting a digital currency but then paying for it in dollars with a credit card. We understand that there will be a need to “pad”, or increase, the amount the customer is paying in crypto for potential losses due to fluctuations in the digital currency, or fees associated with crypto transactions.

For example, let’s say the price of the order was $100 USD for the customer. If you were accepting Bitcoin from the customer, your application would not take the exact amount of Bitcoin that translates to $100. Instead, you can pad, or increase, the amount to cover costs associated with fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin and transaction fees.

However, the amount charged to the customer must be fair. The increases are only covering risk and fees, and are not meant to gouge customers or to take undue profit. Our API partners always need to have fairness in mind when building their applications.

Start Building Your Cryptocurrency Florist Business Today

We are believers and owners of crypto currencies. We want to see its greater adoption of digital currencies and this will happen through an increase in products and services that are available for purchase. We need your help to make this idea a reality and let people buy the important gift of flowers with crypto currency.

There is no cost or obligation with the Florist One API, sign up today and build your crypto application.

Do you have questions? Want to talk it through? Contact us.

We look forward to helping you create this important application in the crypto space.