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     ° Flowers for Funeral Homes
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     ° Savings for Corporations
     ° Savings for Flower Buyers
     ° Flower Coupon Sites
     ° Flowers Helping Charities
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Give Flower Coupon Sites a New Direction

Coupon sites that offer savings on flowers are becoming increasing popular. The current model works like this: a coupon website gives a visitor a coupon code, the visitor navigates away from the coupon site to go to a florist website where the purchase is made and the visitor receives a discount. Some sort of redemption tracking system exists between the coupon site and the florist website to allow for the coupon site to be paid for its referrals.

The Florist One® API presents a new opportunity to coupon sites to offer local, florist-delivered flowers. Any coupon site can use our API to create complete flower shop on their own website and provide its visitors with a savings of up to 20% - the commissions earned from the Florist One® Affiliate Program. Visitors don't have to leave the coupon website to make a purchase, the coupon site is in full control of the process and can also decide to make the savings to the customer less than 20% of the purchase price, thereby keeping some of the commissions for itself.

There's a new way of doing business for coupon sites. The Florist One® API allows coupon sites to offer flowers on their own website and to take greater control of the both the savings offered to their visitors, and their own income stream.


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