Will You See The Funeral Flowers You Send in Chicago?

I could not be there but the arrangement was for a dear friends funeral. They were beautiful! It was even more special that her family chose the arrangement to sit next to her.

- Cammy A.

Why don't florists send you a picture of the flowers that they actually deliver?

When you buy flowers online, you're buying based on a picture of a flower arrangement. The arrangement was created by the best floral designers using perfect flowers - and then then the picture was touched up with a photo editor.

But what about the flowers you're actually sending? Don't you deserve to see a picture of the flowers you're sending?

Maybe you're out of state, or just not there to see the flowers. Then you definitely need to see a picture. A picture lets you experience the flowers but more importantly

...a picture is needed to make sure you're getting great flowers and not flowers that embarrass you!



The Reasons Why Florists Don't Send You a Picture... and Why it's a Must!

When you buy flowers, whether you're buying online or directly from a local florist, the florist doesn't give you a picture because of one or both of the following:

  1. They are not confident in the quality of their flowers
  2. They are not setup to send you a picture


Flower Quality is Not Great

You may have heard that buying flowers online can be a scary experience, and we agree, it is scary!

There are over 15,000 local florists in America. While some are great, many florists are terrible and should not even be in business.

National Florists
The national flower companies or 'wire services' take monthly fees from local florists which allow florists to receive orders from them. Since they take fees from florists...

they have to send flowers to all florists, the good ones and the bad ones!

Why else would a florist pay to be in a network if they did not get orders.

National florists are more focused on fees than they are in delivering high quality flowers. Their quality suffers and they are not going to send you a picture of your flowers. Try calling them and asking them about it.

Since we are in Sweden we could not be at the ceremony, but are very pleased to see the flowers, the service we got from you, and how easy it was to order!

- Mats J.

Local Florists
You're probably thinking: use a local florist in Chicago!

Yes! Maybe...

Let's get back to some local florists being great, and some being terrible.

To choose a local florist, sure you can read reviews. But reviews are not always accurate, or they can be manipulated, and even the quality of the florist can change over time. Poor flower quality plagues the industry, even at the local florist level. Some arrangements look like flowers were just jammed into a vase!

Only great florists will give you a picture!

To make sure a local florist is a good one, ask them if they will can send you a picture of your flower arrangement.

If there is silence on the other end of the phone... hang up and keep looking!

The florist should say "Yes!" without hesitation. That's when you know you have a great florist!



Florists Are Not Setup to Send You a Picture!

But even if a florist is willing to send you a picture, they are not always setup to actually send you one.

Some florists don't have a computer at their shop, or have a smart phone, or have email setup on their phones, or they don't want to text you a picture from their personal phones, or they don't trust the quality of their phone cameras...

even if a florist is willing to send you a picture, the list of reasons why they can't send you a picture is very long!

And forget the florists ones that don't want to bother sending you a picture... remember, the quality of the flowers you get goes way up when you get a picture.

But why you should you even have to ask or think about getting a picture of your flowers?

A picture of your flowers should be part of your flower service!

A great florist should offer and promote the fact that they will send you a picture. A picture says that they are proud of their work and stands by it.


Florist One - The Story of Why We You Send You a Picture of Your Flowers

I could not be there but your picture let me see the flowers. I understand why they received rave reviews for freshness and overall presentation. Thank you for honoring my Uncle with such a beautiful arrangement.

- Mary J.P.

At Florist One, we've been a national florist since 1999 sending flowers across the United States. Yes, we were one of the first national florists online!

We don't take fees from florists which allows us to choose the best florist across the country without bias. Our only criteria is that you're the best florist in town if you're getting our order.

We thought we were doing a pretty good job at picking the best florists... until we read thousands of reviews from our customers.

Our customers wanted a picture of the flowers!

They were often out of town, out of state or just not there to see the flowers.

We asked our florists to see if they would be willing to send us a picture.

Our best florists said, "Yes!"

And our other florists, the ones we were not sure about, or did not use as often... they were sometimes silent and often were not willing to. We were on to something.


The Flowers Across America Network - Flowers With a Picture!

We undertook a massive effort to build a system that allows florists to send us back pictures. The florist sends us back a picture of the arrangement by email or text - then we then send that picture to you, by email or text, whichever you prefer.

This transmission system for pictures of flowers from florists did not exist! Nobody send you a picture of your flowers. This network of the best florists in America did not exist!

We called our network: The Flowers Across America Network, or the FAA Network for short.

And this is what happened... our quality went way up!

We had done a good job of delivering high quality flowers to most of our customers but with FAA Network we are not going in blind anymore sending orders to florists. We can see exactly what they are doing and rank them properly to make sure we always use the best florist in a city.


Bought the flowers in the name of me and two siblings. My sister was able to attend the visitation and was quite happy with the quality of flowers basket and arrangement.

- Arnel B.

The Best Florist In Chicago - With Pictures to Prove It

The Flowers Across America Network is only national florist that sends you a picture. We've partnered with the best florist in Chicago and we've got pictures to prove it.

You can look around for a local florist that gives you a picture or you can get a picture of your arrangment sent to you in a few hours from the best florist in Chicago .

Just let us know at Checkout how you want to receive your picture, by text, email or both.



If there is one thing to take away from reading this is: make sure you're getting a picture when you buy flowers. Even if you are buying directly from a Chicago local florist, ask and make sure that they will send you a picture.


For Florists: If you're a florist, you deliver beautiful flowers and you can send us a picture of your flowers, sign up here if you're not part of the FAA Network. No fees, free to join.

How It Works - A Picture of Your Flower Arrangement

  • We send you a picture of your flowers after our florist has created your arrangement
  • During Checkout, you will be asked how you want to receive your picture
  • You can receive your picture by text, email or both
  • There is no extra charge for your picture, this is part of your delivery service
  • Every picture you see below was taken by our preferred florist in Chicago and was an actual arrangement sent to a customer
  • You will receive flowers like this and a picture like this

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