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How The Florist One® API Changes Flower Buying

The Florist One® API changes the way flowers are sold on the internet. No longer do flowers need to be sold just on florist websites - florist-delivered flowers can be sold on storefronts that can be added to any website or application across the internet. When we analyze uses of the Florist One® API, several important points emerge about what the Florist One® API fundamentally changes by allowing flower storefronts to be added anywhere.

Flower Buying Moves With Us

With the Florist One® API, we don't have to visit florist website to buy flowers, a storefront selling fresh flowers is available where we need it to be as we move across the internet.

We can now send flowers through storefronts while viewing an online obituary, inside Facebook, in a dating website, or on a mobile phone.

Trust is Leveraged

Organizations can leverage their trust to make a flower sale. When flowers are offered by a funeral home or a charity, the purchaser is more inherently trusting of the flower service. The trust comes from the purchaser being familiar with, and having history with the company or organization - this trust is maintained when the purchaser can buy flowers on the organization's storefront directly.

The old way of doing things was the visitor following a link from the organization's website to a florist site they had a relationship with. When a visitor has to leave your site to make a purchase on a site they have not heard of before, much of that trust is lost.

Flower Buyers Save Lots of Money

Florist One® pays a 20% commission on every sale. Companies can keep that money for themselves or they can choose to pass some or all of that savings on to the purchaser. Any site with a membership of some type can build a storefront to offer huge saving to buyers of fresh flowers delivered by local florists.

New Revenue Streams and Features for Products

The Florist One® API allows for flower storefronts to be incorporated into services such as online obituary systems, websites for funeral homes, Facebook applications and even free dating websites, thereby creating new revenue streams and features.

Flower Buying Needs Are Created

New needs and markets are created to send flowers. While some members of dating sites may have thought about or wanted to send flowers to another member, the vast majority of members of dating sites have not. The double-blind system of sending flowers in dating websites creates needs and opportunities to sell flowers that previously did not exist.

More Meaningful Connections are Created

Dating sites and social networks are all about creating and maintaining connections. Allowing users to send flowers through social networks creates more meaningful connections.

Good Causes Can Be Helped

Flowers that need to be sent can be sent through a charity flower storefront - commissions are paid to the charity for the sale of flowers and this helps a good cause.

Many Things Change, Flower Buying Becomes Better

The Florist One® API lets flower buying evolve in an ever changing internet. New dynamics are created - flower sales increase because flower buying comes to us more conveniently, it is accompanied by trust, it comes to us with meaning, it helps a good cause, or offers a huge savings.

The Florist One® API presents huge opportunities for businesses to create highly profitable revenue streams, to make their products stronger and more valuable, and to better serve their customers by letting them send the flowers the need to send.

The Florist One® API makes process of buying and sending flowers better.


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